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Opinions of Friday, 6 December 2013

Columnist: Hardi, Ibrahim

Verbal Assaults Left, Right And Center!!

Demo-crazy is beautiful. It is educative noise that you
cannot hide from. Everyone can make some noise; it could be from an
intellectual, tribal, economical or empty-barrel point of view. It
almost seems like we are in political age, and that we have marginalized information
technology and education into the background.
When two elephants wrestle, it is the grass under them that suffers. Mr.
President, do you get my drift?, Ghanaians are suffering from this
political climate where we keep on making ourselves look bad just to get political

There is this notion of PHD (pull him down) in
Ghana where people don't want others to prosper, which is true.
President Mahama is on the rise and ''The greedy bastards'' does not
want to see that happen. We need to be our brother's keeper and lead
them to their full potential. I am tired of seeing people in opposition
criticizing and debunking every single move by president Mahama
government simply to score chip political points. People are complaining of the
educative noise ruling our airwaves these days.

phone-in programmes are useful, we live in a democratic world. While
some are expending their energies imploring Ghanaians to work hard,
others make verbal assaults left, right and center on most radio
stations across the country. This does not augur well for the
hospitality and peace we work to hold on to in our nation. Think twice,
my people, be wise.

A foreign friend was asking me the some day
why we keep on discussing NPP and NDC, Sammi and Shatta wale, Kotoko and Hearts.
Frankly, I am not in the position to answer that. Ghanaians
have passions for various things. Some have passion for a football club, some for a
political party, and others etc. Here comes the question
money can't buy (yeah, not even a trillion Ghana cedis)?,Who has a
passion for Ghana?.

I do,but I love my passion. It's about time we started talking about Ghana. Tackle
the loopholes in our education
system and others, and not what the NDC did wrong. Tackle the
bureaucracies in our civil service, and not whether so so and so
minister caused financial loss to the state.

We need to talk about getting better as individuals, people and a nation. If we
strive for
own individual best at the expense of our communities, we stand to lose.
Mr.President don't ask me why, you know better. We can choose to be
spectators or difference makers. But what will we want to spectate?

Educative noise about who supports which political party?. I believe the film we all
want to see is the one where we reach the Golden Age of
The more we talk, the more we will know, and the more we will change. The malady of
the ignorant is the ignorance of the
ignorant. We need to send these dialogues of Ghana consciousness to the
masses, to our workplaces, to our chop bars and to our social occasions. We need a
mentality change, a belief in ourselves and a willingness to
change for the better.

This is not a difficult thing to do,
President. If we can hold national debate competitions and have hours of talk show
programming, we can definitely start to debate and talk about Ghana in its best
interest. It's like having one political party where
we don't need to score political points. It's the rule of
decentralization. It's a revolution without force, a passion without
idleness and a state where we are on focused on moving up on the same
Do we really want a rich man who would come to power because his political party did
the most advertising?, No!!!. Do we really want a man who is popular with us but not
with the notion of Ghana getting
better?,No!!!. Do we really want a man who does not inspire anyone to
sit at the Flagstaff house?,No!!!, We need a leader who knows the way,
shows the way and goes the way.

President Mahama, I can see people asking questions. You could lead by example, show
the way and go the
way. We need to inspire ourselves out of our mediocrity. We need to set
bigger standards and do away with the sub-standards we have become used
to. We need to move from our kiosks into supermarkets, from our chop
bars into more Asanka Locals. Everybody is selling just to survive.
Change is good my friends. We are growing,we need to shun the backbiting, the
verbal onslaughts, the bickering, and focus on our passion, Ghana. If
our leaders would not do it, do not wait on them?.

Ibrahim Hardi 0208235615