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Opinions of Saturday, 10 December 2016

Columnist: Listowell Yesu Bukarson

It was worth the risk

It's been a struggle. A battle which started with a lot of pain. Greedy bustards in the NDC have messed up Ghana.

Citizens of this blessed country begged to put food on the table. Thieves and gluttonous nation wreckers had besieged mother Ghana. There was the need for a Revolution. A democratic revolution.

One that required the usage of the sovereign power of the ordinary Ghanaian. Power through the thump. It required all-well meaning Ghanaians to get off the fence and get involved in this fight to resuscitate the dwindled fortunes of our beloved nation Ghana. It had to take a bold decision to be able to take the null by the horn.

Many got involved. They made sacrifices. I was guilty. Guilty because I thought about what the world would say if I got political. There was a lot to sacrifice. I weighed the options for and against. It was a risk and a gamble to take. Considering my many roles in leadership over several institutions and associations. The Ghana Journalist Association! Hmmmmm! Ultimately, I made the decision.

Today, I smile. I joy. I merry. Because my decision has paid off. The NPP was my choice. Nana Addo was my choice. In the end, the sacrifice was made. I lost a lot. Respect, recognition, support, friendship, love, leadership, profession, affection, etc. I was vilified. But I believed in my decision. I set out working, I campaigned. I traveled the world from Europe, the USA and the African continent. Criss-crossed the hinterlands of Ghana as well. In my own small ways, I paid my dues. I contributed my widow's mite.

Time, energy, resources, cash, love, relationship, friendship and all just to actualise my dream of seeing Nana Addo and the NPP come to power. They accused and insulted me because I should have supported who they called my "northern brother". H. E JM. But they were wrong. Because he was the wrong guy to deserve my priceless support. He betrayed the north. He made a mess of the northern pride. I never hated him as a person but I will always hate the way he governed Ghana. I will never forgive him for the way he superintended over corruption. He stole from the Ghanaian people. His bad record and history will continue to haunt him. Am ashamed as a northerner and as a Ghanaian because of one man called John Dramani Mahama. But am hopeful.

Very hopeful because Ghana has spoken and God has redeemed Ghana from the shackles of the wicked JM government. I implore Ghana to stay and stick with Nana Addo and the NPP to drive mother Ghana to the promised land. I don't expect heaven form Nana Addo. I expect leadership that will shape Ghana. We will make it together as a people because Nana Addo will provide hope and direction. Ghana will work again.

From today, after weeks of sleepless nights, thanks to the campaign, we can begin to resurrect from the ashes of the mess of the JM administration. I have to cut this piece short to attend to urgent NPP stuff. I will be back. #IVoted4Change! Folks, Thinking Unconventionally.