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Opinions of Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Columnist: Fosu, John

Until when will the Essumejahemaa & Kumawuhemaa Deprive ,,,,

the two Historic towns of Paramount Chiefs?

Is it better to do good or to commit evil? It will be recalled that Kokofuhene
sometime last year did carry out some spontaneous intervention to save the
Essumejahemaa from an imminent fall from grace to grass. Essumejahemaa, like
Kumawuhemaa has been resisting the people's preferred candidate from occupying the
Essumeja Omanhene stool since the demise of the late Essumejahene, Nana Oduru
Animapau II about nine years ago. She is rather insisting to impose her choice of
candidate taken from Ejisu-Tikrom on the Essumeja citizens. This current queen like
Nana Oduro Animapau II hails from Tikrom but clinging onto the fallacious inference
of a 500 year-old antecedence to claim the throne as the bona fide property of the
Tikrom Aduana family. They are/were part of the royal Essumeja Aduana family that
migrated to Tikrom in search of greener pastures and also due to other concerns of
those days in about 500 years ago.

Anyway, I am not more interested in the queen's hullabaloo than am I really
concerned about the exhibited deplorable attitude by Kokufuhene when the noose had
come within seconds to closing upon Essumejahemaa's neck. If it had, she would have
publicly been compelled to go through the customary dethronement process; removing
her sandals, slaughtering a sheep and pouring its blood over her head. Kokufuhene
either intentionally or inadvertently playing the proverbial "Kokufu football game"
intervened to save the queen from public disgrace. He begged for the case to be
deferred though the queen was on her feet answering questions thrown at her by
Otumfuo Osei Tutu II with her two legs quaking and her voice trembling. Ever since,
this queen has regained some confidence. She has become a pathological liar. She
keeps offering flimsiest excuses to ensure both the hearing and the ruling of the
Essumeja chieftaincy case continually get postponed. This nonsense has had a ripple
or a knock-down effect on the Kumawu chieftaincy case.

The Kumawu case has unfavourably been tied to the Essumeja case to my utter
annoyance. Until the Essumeja case is settled, the Kumawu's will perpetually be
assigned to the dungeon no matter how loudest the Kumawuman citizens cry or shout.
Whose disgusting philosophy is this? Your guess is as good as mine. So if the
Essumeja people are unable to put pressure on the Asanteman Council and so to speak
Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, but choose to remain disquietingly quiet as they have been,
then the Kumawuman people will long be in the dark tunnel without seeing the
proverbial light at the end of the tunnel any soon.

Kumawuhemaa is best of friends with Essumejahemaa. They plan and reason together.
Kumawuhemaa will surely resort to the same nonsensical card-game playing as the
Essumejahemaa. They always come up with excuses bordering on sickness. They always
have stomach ailment of some sort. Once, Kumawuhemaa failed to attend Asanteman
Council's summon. She alleged she was suffering from severe diarrhoea. Once they
fail to show up on the booked/appointed date, the case is rescheduled for the next
two or three month's time. These intentional delay tactics as resorted to by these
two obnoxious "burger" queens must be stopped somehow. It is becoming unbecoming. It
does not only undermine, but makes a mockery of the authority of the Asanteman
Council in which case it is Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, the Asantehene.

Essumejahemaa sent a gynaecologist with a sealed envelope last Thursday, 17th
February 2011 when the Asantemnan Council had sat in state patiently awaiting her
appearance before the Council. The content of the envelope was only to inform the
Council and Otumfuo Osei Tutu II of her inability to attend due to illness. She has
been signed off sick for a month by whoever her gynaecologist is. This is about the
third or the fourth time this queen has tendered in a Doctor's certificate attesting
to her sickness of some dubious sort. Kumawuhemaa is fond of doing similar thing.
What a perfect typification of birds of the same feathers flocking together? They
should not forget it is said, "He who feigns sickness will surely pass one day when
feigning death" This is a sound advice from the wise man to these two ladies without

I quite remember in those good old days in Kumawu when the Anglican pupils used to
say upon sighting their Middle School Headteacher they teasingly named as Master Koo
Wuo, "Although is a Latin word which means 3ba oo!" When any pupil said this, all
others would run for cover. Master Koo Wuo had banned all the pupils from being seen
outside in the streets hanging around aimlessly after 8 p.m. He wanted them to stay
in their homes studying rather than staying outside looking for girls or boys as it
was probably the behaviour of the pupils in those days. Whosoever was seen would be
whipped at the school's assembly the next morning. At this same time, some pupils
used to joke about saying, "Your stomach is flying, you don't pay, you don't dance"
This literally translates into Twi as, "Wo yem retu, wo nntua, wo nnsa" meaning
"When you are having stomach upset, get treated" Kumawuman citizens are fed up with
Kumawuhemaa always coming up with my stomach is running issues to seek postponement
of scheduled dates for the hearing of the Kumawu chieftaincy case.

Is it the cleverest way by the Ankaase royals trying to attain their much relished
ten year postponement period? They have said to do whatever possibly they can to
ensure the case delays for ten years. Their reason behind such a determination or
wish is the Ananangyas/Odumases are financially broke with two leading
octogenarian-litigants who cannot survive beyond ten years from the start date of
the case. They will snap for being stretched, then abandon the case, to enable the
Ankaases continue to rule Kumawuman. Will God who has appointed an Ananangya royal
after His Heart to rule get tired and abandon the case? No! Then the stomach of
Kumawuhemaa will always "fly" so she should get ready to "pay" or "dance" now than
later. She's been sent a heads-up about the possible feigning of sickness and how
she will robustly be challenged. If she does feign sickness which surely she will, I
shall arrange for her to be taken before the Asanteman Council on a stretcher. No
more unnecessary tactical delays. Kumawu is bleeding to death on the note of not
having any infrastructural development but galloping dilapidation.

Kumawuhemaa with her friend, Essumejahemaa, can run but she cannot hide. The time is
long overdue for her to give up her obstinate lay of claim to the Kumawu Kodua
Stool. Does she want me to remind her once more of where her ancestry began from?
Has she ever heard of the name "AYO?"

Will the Manso-Nkwantahene arise to save his former wife or girlfriend,
Essumejahemaa, from getting dethroned? How will he do it? Although he has a son by
the woman, he should let her fall. If he does eventually intervene as did
Kokufuhene, he will himself be disgraced. He can enquire from Kokufuhene how he is
sweating under his pants now. Both Kumawuman and Essumejaman citizens are pointing
accusing fingers at him. That is more than enough to trigger perspiration in him to
dampen his pants. He has deeply regretted for ever helping this ungrateful queen. If
he does stubbornly intervene, then the Essumejas are warning him in advance that it
will be a situation of "all die be die" on that day. They, like the Kumawuman
citizens, cannot continue to suffer from deprivation for the sake of their queen's
greediness and myopic selfishness.

John Fosu