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Opinions of Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Columnist: Nuhu, Kashaa

Unless NPP Wants A Manifestation Of Their “All Die Be Die”

The multi million dollar questions being asked by numerous peace loving Ghanaians on the street is that, what if the supposed Supreme Court the NPP wants to resort to overturn the legitimacy of President Mahama as the winner of the 2012 Presidential election? What will happen if Akufo-Addo is pronounced the winner of the 2012 polls with minority in parliament? A perfect reply to these questions is that, unless the Supreme Court wants to plunge the Nation into a civil strife, else those questions are so remote from materializing.

In the northern part of Ghana where the President is coming from, there is a temper dumping- tantrum maxim, which goes like, “until the end of a raging bushfire, grasshoppers do not go to pay homage to their Kings”

It is quite certain that, the New Patriotic Party as the runner up in both Presidential and parliamentary elections in the 2012 polls are actually making frantic effort to touch the emotions and sympathized with their teeming supporters for their gross failure to wrestle power from the ruling NDC. They do this in a grand style by first promising to contest the election in Court and again organized a massive demonstration on Tuesday to dispel the anguish and twinge wreaked on the souls of their cohorts.

Needless to say is the fact that, these incompetent leaders of the NPP are still gathering facts and evidence of their claims of fraud to put before the Court after two weeks of declaring the NDC candidate as President elect. This is a stance, a founding member of the NPP Dr. Charles Wireko Brobbey described as “complicity in burglary” and has no case against the EC.

Nevertheless, this founding member received enormous rebuttals from “babies with sharp teeth” like Sammy Awuku who questioned the role and commitment of this stalwart to the Akufo-Addo led NPP in the just ended elections. However, the former Chief Executive of the GNPC and former Chairman of the Ghana @50 organizing committee opined in vivid terms that, he has hired over 300 polling agents to work for him on which grounds he received suitable reports about the elections to rubbish the intended Court case by the NPP executives and advised them to “let sleeping dogs lie” Such hard core truth by the founder of the United Ghana Movement met with stern snag from Nana Akomea and Kwabena Agyei Adjapong of the NPP.

Interestingly, the opposition New Patriotic Party are echelon other allegations on the NDC and EC for colluding to get figures to tally with the election results declared. It is laughable to hear Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh, Manhyia MP, to make such allegations when in the actual fact, the NPP had not come out with any evidence to prove their case.

Again, how can the NPP juxtapose the two position of gathering evidence to challenge the EC figures at the Supreme Court and the novel allegation by the supposed plaintiff? Presumably, it will be more prudent and shrewd to conclude that, this whole Court thing by the NPP is going to amount to nothing and will never see the light of day. If not, this might be a trick of the century to win the heart of Ghanaians who have lost sympathy for the opposition NPP by their brazen attacks on journalists and a show of lawlessness by their fanatic supporters to register their peeve.

Needless to mention is the cosmetic apology rendered to the media to cleanse their daunted souls to look superior to the good people of Ghana. Healthily, it is said that, character is like a pregnancy; no matter the effort to conceal it can never prevent it from protruding. Their show of insolence out of sheer superiority complex is exhibited in Kumasi when their supporters, endorsed by the gurus of NPP in the demonstration openly declared Nana Addo as their President. I asked, in what capacity are they making this declaration over which Nation?

Conspicuous and thunderous in the media is the NPP report to boycott the swearing in of the President on the 7th of January 2013. That agitation when embarked on is an affront on democracy and obtrusive impertinence for state institutions by a Party that touted themselves as democrats.

On the foregoing score about attending or refusing to attend does not invalidate the swearing in of the President, especially when the NPP intend to contest the election at the Court. A former MP for Bawku Central remained an MP until his conviction. The NPP must attend the ceremony of swearing in the President and hitherto put a challenge at the Supreme Court to deepen their level of understanding for democracy.

The Supreme Court, headed by the Chief Justice in such a high profile case, only if the opposition NPP will ever lay hands on evidence to make a case against the EC will surely pass judgment that will be in the interest of Ghana. In any case, the NPP has nothing to lose if their case is dismissed and thrown at them, which I hold strong conviction to but will be seen as deepening democracy and rule of law in the country.

On the other hand, when in the most UNLIKE event, the Supreme Court overturn the ruling of the EC to pronounce the NPP candidate as the legitimate winner of the 2012 election, the only plausible feasible outcome is a recipe to “Kigali, Kanya or Zimbabwe” as ascribed by the self lauded Okoampa-Ahoofe, Kwame Jr Ph. D. in his articles entitled “The road to Kigali”

The honorable thing to do now by the NPP to consolidate peace is to concede defeat and put an end to their perplexity. All the de facto bravado to foment pandemonium in the country is an adverse credential to the assertive democratic minted leaders of the current New Patriotic Party tradition of Danquah, Busia- Dombo.

Election 2012 is not the last of elections, NPP is a force to reckon with in Ghana politics and have the chance of making amends in subsequent polls than this long strife to discredit and deface the party vis-a- vis the swing and undecided voters in Ghana. Ghana must uphold and maintain her reputation in democratic dispensation averred petty turbulence.

God bless our home-land Ghana.

Kashaa Nuhu