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Opinions of Sunday, 15 January 2012

Columnist: Boatin, Kwaku

Open: Letter to the President—Developing Ghana?

Madam President: Kwahu Europe Foundation...
Cc: President Mills of Ghana
To: Speaker of Parliament.

Paris-France--The link (below) will direct you to Ghana web, to the story I filed just after the Amsterdam conference: since many of you couldn’t have time to read the story or to file it for future references/ awareness for tomorrow, I’m re-directing members to ponder seriously on points raised in the story.

The most important part of the story is that, it’ll never profit Kwahuman organization to hi-jack Ghana Government’s obligations/responsibility defined in Ghana’s constitution, among others, to socio-economically develop Ghana; by undertaking development programs, including construction of schools, roads, Hospitals, prerequisites for quality water resources, provision for electricity, etc. Undoubtedly, it is our responsibility as patriotic citizens to move in to supplement (repeat supplement) Government’s programs to ensure rapid growth.

For Government’s revenue from Cocoa production, copper, Gold, Iron ore, diamond mining, etc, and now resources from oil finds and Internal Revenue collection, must be properly accounted for , and directed to social, economic developments needs of Ghanaians, thus providing infrastructures for schools, quality pipe-borne drinking water, effective electricity , and modern hospital equipments etc.

Parliamentary responsibilities:

It’s Parliament, the 2nd line of authority in Ghana, behind the Executive, in a non-partisan approach to ensure that the elected Executive, shoulder squarely its obligatory functions. Parliament, represented by elected representatives of the people must at times move the House to inspect (see for themselves), the level of damage done to roads/schools (some with no toilet facilities ) and lack of amenities in rotten to the bones, in quite deplorable conditions in the rural areas. (None of the MPs have their children attending school in the rural areas, but to the Morning Star or Lincoln International Schools in Accra),

The living conditions are quite lamentable and recent petroleum prices hike will worsen the situation: the rural areas are facing natural 1st degree felony indictment of death; a capital punishment bestowed on it, due to long years of lip-service propagation by spin-doctors of the various political parties, since independence.


Shameful act:

Because of this shameful act of neglect and negligence, resulting in such urban-rural imbalance, the cities are facing one of the worst exodus in human history, flooded with local immigrants in search of ‘just seeing electricity street-lights’ in Accra and Kumasi and non existing jobs, flooding the already Tsunami submerged cities, now facing over-crowding, housing shortages and undermining supplies of basic resources like water and electricity. (My friends and I are escaping to the country-side, what about you?).

I suggested in one of my articles, that plans should be made to move the Capital from Accra to Yeji in the North: my argument was that this will help open the country up, with wide road nets, future with speed trains, telecommunications works, etc and speed-up development in the North, attracting private investors; and with back -up government regulation or directive, to site Companies in the area, neglected even before the arrival of the white-man:

For, Time is running out, if measures are not applied now to resolve the Northern/Upper development in- balance, the ugly incidence of human struggle, which triggered the Ivory Coast upheavals, now in Nigeria-- Northerner rebellion-- and because he Northern General who took power in Nigeria, out of greed, neglected the area—will catch-up with Ghana. Now most of the Northerners, likes cases in Abidjan, some of my brothers and sisters scale to the cities, like swarm of bees, serving as domestics, given tags/names as “KAYA-YOO”, suffering all form of deprivations, exploitation and injustices, not seeking treasurers, but bread. (Oh God stretch thy hand to wipe the tears off my eyes).

International Criminal Court?

To finish where I left off, we, as a people belonging to such Associations/Foundations can go in to assist as patriotic citizens, thus supplementing Government’s effort to achieve rapid development. If Government is not undertaking its obligatory functions, we as a people have a right under the constitution to embark on civil disobedience, in the form of demonstrations (million man’s march to Parliament or Castle); demonstrations with placards in-front of Ghana Embassies Abroad, or in a form of petitions to the President, through its Ambassadorial representatives, and other wild-card demonstrations, even trying our hands on filling Writ of summons in the court against the government, (Why not, in the International Criminal Court?) for ignoring its responsibilities:


Road to Akokobenon-su:

While the road to Akokobenom-su (Akwasiho-Akokoben-su-Twenedurase road) in the Kwahu Traditional area started by the colonial British Government in 1928 (inscriptions on the bridges), Aburi-Akwapim road now has a dual carriage way, dug though the mountains. Bravo, Monsieur Président, Kwahu fait partie du Ghana, n’est pas, Dites-moi, Monsieur le Président, Oui ou NON? Road to Kwahu mountain top has a single dangerous outlet—Nkawkaw-Atibie: the other Nkawkaw-Obomeng has been rendered impassable years ago.

Meanwhile, the Foundation with regional chapters in Britain, Holland, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium, and with a large growing membership, has just been re-structured, following a constitutional upheaval, at an emergency meeting in Antwerp-Belgium, with Mrs. Florence Osafo, President of the British wing of the Foundation, as its interim President, to pave the way for proper democratic elections to be held, as early as possible.

Others to serve on the Interim Executive are, Mrs. Eleanor Boateng, (London), Secretary, Mr. Stephen Sefa (Holland), Treasurer, with Mr. Rex Adjei (Belgium), and Mr. Sackey Akuamoah (Germany) as Member-representatives respectively.

The link:

From Kwaku Boatin, Paris.