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Opinions of Friday, 21 May 2021

Columnist: Waterz Yidana

Twene Jonas is a revolutionary

Twene Jonas is an ardent critic of the government Twene Jonas is an ardent critic of the government

Twene Jonas the Ghanaian young man living in America is a revolutionary by all standards. His unconventional approach of getting us and our leaders to do the right thing is mind-boggling.

Revolution doesn’t go with diplomacy.

How long are we going to keep being diplomatic and pussyfoot around as if all is well or the future is bright when we all know deep down that things are not working?

You cannot be honest without offending people and the truth as we all know is bitter and only few people dare to speak it, either, because they are self-sufficient or they are just indifferent, hence speak to issues without fear or consideration for authority.

Just like how Fela Kuti the late afro-beat legend tried to use his music to make positive changes in Africa, especially Nigeria where he frequently used unprintable words or language in his songs.

Twene Jonas is no different from the great Fela Kuti. I only see a young man who is exasperated about the plights of his people and has realized that to get the leaders to develop the country is to use a radical approach, since being diplomatic for donkey years has not really helped.

Listen to him carefully, he speaks the truth without mincing words. I mean, how do you want him to say you are foolish? But isn’t it true that we have been fooling around since, as a country or as a people?

What is respect without responsibility? If we want respect then we must always endeavour to do the right thing. We need more young men like Twene Jonas to revolutionize our system.

I see nothing wrong with what he is doing, he only has too much love for his country or people and he needs our support, so that, together, we can all make Ghana a better place to live in.

I know the United States of America is not heaven, but I also know that the leaders in that country have put systems in place where people live like human beings and even animals like dogs are treated with respect and some dignity, not like here where it sometimes feels like you are living in hell even if you are relatively rich.

That archaic culture of respecting elders even when they are wrong must stop. We can only develop if we fearlessly tell our leaders to fix the country.

I admire greatly the activism of Twene Jonas, I encourage him to keep telling us the truth even if we do not want to hear it.

Of course, he knows the consequences of what he is doing, and he knows as well that every man will die, however long they live on earth. He has taken the path of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara, Steve Biko, Julius Malema etc.

If we can all get angry like Twene Jonas and speak the hard truth without fear of suffering or dying, the country will be changed in just a few years to come.

We must encourage confident people who speak up to continue speaking so that we can have a better country, not what we have now...