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Opinions of Friday, 10 May 2013

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice

Tsatsu And The Other NDC Lawyers Are Sorry

It is getting surreal at the Supreme Court with Tsatsu Tsikata cross examination having taken a turn for the worse after scoring an own goal in admitting that , over voting did occur too in the Npp strongholds of Ashanti and Eastern Regions? My problem is not with the facial challenged whangdoodle Tsatsu Tsikata with his permanent halloween mask on but rather with NDC Lawyers who continue to engage in logomachies and the worst culprit is the old senile pompom waving Ato Dadzie leading the cheers squad.

The same day that Tsatsu's own goal scoring pink sheet tendering into evidence was wrongly admitted into evidence which was subtly rejected the following day after the court refused him to tender in more such pink sheets, the Comedian turned lawyer Ato Dadzie hailed that ruling as "landmark". Ato Dadzie went ahead to say that, the ruling now meant NDC could now forage into the votes of the strongholds of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).He said incursions by respondents into opposition areas will prove over-voting. They would also call for annulment in their strongholds. He then called for every pink sheet to be examined.

"The legal team of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the ongoing election petition hearing has served notice they will question results declared in the opposition stronghold of Ashanti region and others.Speaking to Joy News, a leading member of the party’s legal team, Nana Ato Dadzie said they will now use the court’s ruling as a basis to introduce evidence about the conduct of the 2012 polls in the New Patriotic Party (NPP) stronghold of Ashanti and Eastern Region.We also want to know the Ashanti votes… we want to know what results came out from Eastern region...” Ato Dadzie insisted."

Ato Dadzie insisted that, they will prove that over voting occured in NPP strongholds and they will call for the annullment of votes inn NPP strongholds, that was Ato Dadzie's own words but Ato Dadzie was singing a different song the following day after having a goodnight sleep and after the effects of the jorum of alcoholic beverage he has consumed has weared off, he found out what the mess he has caused and the NDC Defence team reeling from their missteps pushed this senile old man to make a different statement to retract the previous day's childish "boubou" and this is what he said.;

"The legal team of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) has denied ever suggesting that the 2012 presidential elections were flawed.But Nana Ato Dadzie, a member of the NDC legal team told journalists outside the court that their team never claimed the elections were flawed."

Strangely when Ato Dadzie was eating crow having been made to eat his own vomit, another NDC Lawyer was making statements to back NPP case that, irregularieties occurred during the December 2012 elections and this lawyer too like Tsatsu, Kpegah, Senanu and Amekudzie is also from the NDC world Bank of votes,Lawyer Victor Kojovi Adawudu and this is what he said.

"NDC Lawyer Victor Adawudu found it very intriguing why the petitioners only picked polling stations where President Mahama won when in fact similar alleged irregularities occurred in their strongholds.He was of the opinion that the entire 2012 general election results were marred with errors as a result of the ‘ignorance’ of some staff of the Electoral Commission. Lawyer Adawudu said the NDC will prove to the Justices that massive irregularities occurred at polling stations won by Akufo-Addo but for political expediency they [petitioners] hid it from Ghanaians."

Is it not what the Petitioners are trying to prove that massive irregularities occured during the elections? If the NDC Lawyers are now admitting that over voting and other irregularities occured during the elections, does it not conflict with the Electoral Commissioners insistance that, the elections was the fairest or the best that the EC has ever conducted and there was no irregularities? Is the NDC Lawyers not throwing the EC under the bus for conducting an election with massive irregularities? The "MASSIVE IRREGULARITIES" are words used by the NDC own lawyers not me and if they have admitted to massive irregulaties, does it not make the elections Null and Void? I just don't understand how the NDC Lawyers think but even if they can prove that irreguularities occurred in Ashanti and Eastern Regions, it was the EC who conducted elections in those regions and not NPP and that will also not prove that it was the NPP that benefitted from the irregularities in those Regions because NDC received more votes in Ashanti Region than all the regions apart from Greater Accra region and more likely those "KULULU" votes in those regions benefitted Mahama more than Nana Akuffo Addo. Will you even hire these NDC Lawyers to defend you in a traffic court to get your traffic ticket dismissed?

Justice Sarpong


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