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Opinions of Friday, 23 October 2015

Columnist: Manu, Franscis Ransford

Trouble brewing in Seikwa

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Barely two years after the gruesome murder of the overlord of the Seikwa Traditional Area, Nana Kwaku Dwummah Ankoana II by an unknown gunmen, there is a shadow of chieftaincy clashes looming at Seikwa on or before the 28th October 2015, if security personnel from the military and other law enforcing agencies are not deployed to stop the Krontihene acting as President of the Seikwa Traditional council from usurping the powers of the royal family to nominate heir to the Kaka Stool.

Following a move to find a successor to the late overlord of Seikwa by the two royal gates of the Kaka Stool (Sohoro and Bosompomaa), tension has gripped the entire community as the Krontihene of Seikwa and some ‘corrupt’ Kingmakers of the Gyaase family believed to have accepted bribes in the form of cash from the extreme gate (Bosompomaa) to twist the succession rights from the former to the latter, have angered royals from the “heir to be “Sohoro’s gate.

Reliable source from the Sohoro’s gate of Seikwa confirmed this and have concluded that, the gruesome murder of Nana Kwaku Dwummah Ankoana II in early November 2013 is now suspected to have been orchestrated by the Queen mother Nana Akosua Kyeraa III and some royals from the second gate following the actions and inactions of the Queen mother of late.

The source confirmed that, the Queen mother who is from the Bosompomaa’s gate in the royal family have connived with one Okrah Bekoe ( alias Koo Boye) to spark controversy in the royal family. The duo are said to have written a memorandum to the National House of Chiefs to amend the codified traditional beliefs and customary rites upheld by Nkoran people of the Seikwa royal family in respect of succession, enstoolment and destoolment of Chiefs and Queen mothers of the Nkoran Traditional Area to suit their whims and caprices following the demise of the late overlord.

Nana Akosua Kyeraa III is quoted to have gone ahead to add another royal gate (Fenyekuru/Kalimeh) as the third gate to ascend to the” Kaka Stool”. This gate is originally considered as children of the stool and has the chieftaincy title conferred on them as “Abakomahene”.

To confirm her intended plan of twisting the Nkoran traditions and customs to her advantage, Nana Akosua Kyeraa III had again reduced the Kingmakers of the Nkoran Traditional Area from 13 to 7. She had hereafter gone ahead to nominate for consideration by the 7 kingmakers a successor to the late overlord from the Bosompomaa’s Gate without recourse to consulting the Head of the Royal Family, Adehyepanin Nana Kwadwo Asubonteng and the Old lady Nana Afua Badu as the Nkoran traditions and customs demand.

Hence, the Sohoro’s gate of the Nkoran Royal Family have vowed thunder and brimstones to stop this illegality been exhibited by Nana Akosua Kyeraa III and the Seikwa Traditional Area Kingmakers in a scheduled meeting on the 28/10/15 at the Omanhene’s Palace which is meant to pronounce this calculated mandate to the Bosompomaa’s gate.

Thousands of the youth in Seikwa and its surrounding towns who are loyal to the late Omanhene have resolved to join in this bloodbath if Nananom should go ahead to determine this unjustifiable ruling since evidences abound suggest that most of the sub-chiefs have accepted bribes in the form of cash from the Bosompomaa’s gate to twist the customary succession from Sohoro’s gate to the former. There are rumors of arms and ammunitions smuggled into the town to halt this usurpation of powers by the Krontihene and his cohorts.

We are by this, petitioning the Brong Ahafo Regional Minister, the Tain District Chief Executive, the Member of Parliament of Tain constituency and all prominent citizens of Seikwa(home and abroad)including Honorable Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, the General Secretary of the ruling NDC to proactively stop the Krontihene and kingmakers of the Seikwa Traditional Area from treading on this slippery path, which traditionally, theylack the locus and power to execute in order to save lives and innocent souls from perishing on the said date and any other dates subsequent.

Further to the above, we are petitioning the regional house of chiefs to call the Krontihene acting as President of the Seikwa Traditional Council and nananom to order. Again, we are pleading with the Regional BNI officer and the Regional Police Commander to intensify their intelligence to unearth the killers of Nana Dwummah Ankoana II, by extending invitation to the Queen mother of the Seikwa Traditional Council, who according to reliable source was the brain behind a death threating letter on the overlord’s life which she personally delivered to the registrar of the traditional council some time before the overlord was gruesomely murdered.

Manu, Franscis Ransford

Contact: (0245190909)