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Opinions of Monday, 13 May 2013

Columnist: Saka, Honourable

Can The Youth Save Africa From Neo-Colonialism?

Nkrumah wrestles power from colonial Britain, making Ghana and subsequently Africa
free from colonial rule.

By Honourable Saka
In his book, “Neo-Colonialism
The Last Stage of Imperialism”, (page11) Nkrumah cautioned:
'So long
as Africa remains divided, it will therefore be the wealthy consumer countries
who will dictate the price of its resources'.
I told you so! This appears to be the bitterness
boiling up in the hearts of many Pan-African revolutionaries across the world
as Africa gradually sinks into the pit of poverty whiles resources are been
taken for peanuts on a daily basis.

Today, the dangers of Neo-colonialism have become
so evident in Africa to the point where no further explanation is necessary.
Africa, a continent which claims to be independent has allowed herself to be
ordered around, always dancing to the tune of foreign “aid”. This is despite
the fact that Dambisa Moyo, a Zambian economist and author
of the book 'Dead Aid', has clearly demonstrated to our leaders that 'No nation
has ever attained economic development by aid."

African leaders have over the years obeyed every
instruction from the West, yet nothing has changed. We’re still indebted to the
World Bank and the IMF more than it was 20 year ago. In spite of this, the
African leader is not ready to change the old ways of doing things.
allow a foreign country, especially one which is loaded with economic interests
in our continent, to tell us what political courses to follow, is indeed for us
to hand back our independence to the oppressor on a silver platter”, (Kwame
Nkrumah, 'Consciencism' pg.102).
The fact is, our founding fathers
foresaw the dangers that come with our resolve to rely on the western world to
solve all our problems for us. This problem has been compounded by the lack of
unity among the African nations.

After 50years, this statement has become the sad
truth. There is no African single raw material on the international market
whose price is determined by any of our leaders. It is now evidently clear that
many of our African leaders don’t care whether the solutions to our economic
challenges have been well-documented by the founding fathers or not.
It is therefore time for a revolution to seep aside
these traitors for failing to act in our collective interest as African people.

A new generation of leadership is expected to rise
up from among the youth with a determination to save mother Africa from the
firm grip of neo-colonialism, political incompetence and corruption which is
currently becoming the hallmark of modern African leadership.

Plan One: The Role Of the Youth
“Earlier in life, I had discovered that if you
want something, you had better made some noise”.-
Malcolm X

It is clear that Africa still remains under-developed
because many of the youthful talents that can transform the continent have been
ignored for far too long. Nevertheless, this is not a reason for them to give
up. It is time for the youth to start making some noise else the status quo
will never change. Gather yourselves in front of the parliament buildings and
in front of the various African embassies. March in your numbers towards the the
stations of the various TV networks.

Whiles you’re there, continue to make noise and Rest Not until their voices are heard
and your concerns addressed.
Finally, I therefore put forward action plan which
must be followed in order to ensure that our search for a new generation of
incorruptible leaders for the continent becomes a reality within the shortest
possible time for the benefit of Mama Africa.
· The African youth must first organise in small
groups and create the platforms for dialogue and exchange of ideas.
· The groups must identify and nominate highly
incorruptible members as their leaders.
· The groups must have power to remove from office,
leaders identified to be corrupt.
· Leaders of the various youth groups must link up
and draw up a common agenda for the Youth Liberation Movement. All such agenda
must focus on youth empowerment including a protest to remove the
age-restricted political portfolios from our constitutions.
· The Youth Liberation Movement must remain vocal in
their communities, highlighting the challenges of the youth on any given
· It is ideal that the Youth Movement forms a
political party solely dedicated to the needs of the youth.
· Leaders of the Youth Movement can thus venture into
the political terrain and stand up for the right of the youth. We need more
young ones in parliament.
· Where possible, no youth must vote for the old men
but rather a candidate nominated from the political parties formed by the youth
and dedicated to the youth.

If this is done, the youth can begin to make impact
in African leadership and help wrestle power from the old men. It is time for
the youth to begin ignoring the old men in elections and rather concentrate on
such leaders born out of the Youth Revolutionary Movement who truly have the
welfare of the youth at heart. This process if well implemented can help send a
strong signal to the world that Africa is now ready for a new generation of
revolutionary leaders dedicated to end corruption once and for all.

The writer is a Pan-African analyst and the founder
of the Project Pan-Africa, an organisation established with the sole purpose of
unlocking the minds of the African youth to take Africa’s destiny into their
hands. He can be reached on