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Opinions of Saturday, 22 July 2017

Columnist: Osarfo Anthony

Linking Rashida Black Beauty’s naked video to Jigwe Award is absurd!

Rashida Black Beauty at the Jigwe Awards Rashida Black Beauty at the Jigwe Awards

A young lady we have all come to know as Rashida Black Beauty gained notoriety on the back of a video she leaked – in which she can be seen and heard traducing her ‘Malafaka’ boyfriend who jilted her for another lady.

Rashida Black Beauty did not beg or compel anyone to circulate the video – yet, the said video went viral! Who made the video go viral – the society! Could we have avoided circulating the video to make it popular – yes! Did we do that – no!

A spoof award known as Jigwe Awards – the concept of the award, hinged on funny viral contents, nominated Rashida Black Beauty. In the end, she won the ‘Viral Video Of The Year’ award. I was reliably informed the organizers and few elders, counselled her to be of good behaviour and not repeat same or similar duncish act.

I observed social media – how some critics who even condemned her act, licked back their own barf and expressed joy at Rashida’s new turned fate – goodness out of a bad bargain. After that, she went missing!

We woke up yesterday only to be banged in the face with a naked video of the same Rashida Black Beauty. In this 2 minutes video, Rashida can be seen juddering her tooshie, gives a doggy style pose, gropes her firmly erected booby, touches her coochie, and opens this coochie wide apart – bidding youthful flies to the yukky smell emanating from within.

Some critics are again out to denounce Rashida and the supposition in their argument is that Rashida’s latest solecism is somewhat motivated by her Jigwe Award. These critics are busy blaming organizers of Jigwe Awards and all those who were happy for Rashida’s award.

Blaming the organizers for awarding Rashida? Are they the ones who made her video go viral last year? Did they ask her to do that video and leak it? Did they advise her to do this new video and have it leaked?

What is the guarantee that if Rashida had not been awarded she wouldn’t have done what we are seeing now? What is that guarantee? Do you know the actual story surrounding this very leakage? If no – why speculate? And you think she will win an award for this? We can do a better rumination on this issue!

We can do a better necropsy of the issue and conclude or judge well – rather than making this debile argument! Jigwe award does not award and has never awarded anybody/thing criminal or bothers on criminality – this is an absolute fact! Let us leave the award and its organizers out and deal with the issue!

Rashida Black Beauty recording her nakedness is not a crime - circulating it is. So let us condemn the circulation! Let’s condemn whoever leaked it! Let us condemn those making it go viral now too! The incorrigible reprobate, Rashida Black Beauty, is attacking her critics – let us call her down!

We may even call on the police to arrest her for interrogation – because circulation of nudity is against Ghana’s public order act. It’s a criminal offence! Or better still, call for medical attention for her to determine if she has psychotic issues.

To tie Rashida Black Beauty to somebody’s brand (Jigwe Award) and make the argument that her motivation for this latest one is due to Jigwe Award, is bogus, misleading, unfair and simply cockeyed! Many have exposed their nudity in the past and more will come out – whether they are awarded or not! This is Kali age (Google it).

To those condemning some media houses and writers who are discussing or publishing on Rashida’s latest video, bear in mind, it does not make you more intelligent than others! It is within your right not to take part in the discussion – and it is also within the rights of those doing so.

There’s nothing like an irrelevant topic, rather, a disinterested audience! The media is only a mirror that gives a reflection of what goes on in society – god or bad. As and when this good or bad comes up, the media picks it.

Even in the midst of this whole Rashida fad – the media is still publishing on other important subjects. Before this Rashida video came out, how many important/relevant topics had you raised? What was the support? Massive? Over to you!

This is who we are – we pretend to be divas, yet are asuras in disguise! Hypocrisy will expose all of us one day. Until then...MOTWUM!!