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Opinions of Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Columnist: Dabbousi, Fadi

Toping, doping, but not coping - A Dele Momodu's story

Ghana, the land of exemplary African democracy has gone to the dogs-given the insufferable circumstances brought about by an induced status quo of criminality, corruption, looting, unwise governance and recurring failed promises by the President, John Dramani Mahama.

Apparently, he sees nothing wrong with lying and deceiving the public, hyping the plagiarised mantra of the 2012 NPP campaign, "Changing lives, Transforming Ghana", when the economy has retrogressed to disgraceful and abysmal levels, backtracking to the depths of hell under his Presidency.

It is a situation worth nothing but deprecation. When a President endures their term in office with sheer unprofessionalism, mockery of the citizens, and palpable lies, it then becomes incumbent on people to rise up, employing the use of all peaceful tools available at their disposal.

Let it be said that in Ghana, the shameful events and the subsequent deafening clamour of reciprocal protests created a power that propelled the voice of truth into the heart, mind, and conscience of the patriotic people of this beautiful country that continues to live in spite of the provoked comatose that it has been sent into.

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, at a cocktail party held by Her Majesty The Queen on the occasion of hosting the recent anti-corruption summit, submitted that Nigeria and Afghanistan were "fantastically corrupt".

Of course, we do subscribe to this most unfortunate statement given the enormous looting of Nigeria's resources to the tune of billions of dollars by ex-government officials. But this naive Prime Minister must either have forgotten about Ghana or was oblivious to the similar situation rampant in all aspects of John Mahama's administration. Of course, and in commensurate proportions.

Revelations about the activities of a Nigerian suspected fraudster, Dele Momodu of Ovation magazine, has it that he is assisting some fantastically corrupt ex-Nigerian politicians launder stolen money. We have put the Nigerian Presidency on notice of this issue. It is without power or authority that we chime the alarm bells as regular Ghanaian citizens who have been torn apart by the corruption and massive theft of resources by the John Mahama led NDC government.

We derive our courage and fearlessness to speak on such dangerous issues from the perceived relentlessness of the world order to do justice, and we are only as strong as their mandate allows us to be.

Dele Momodu is currently in Ghana doing his nefarious activities in this regard, under the cover of the President. He is feasting on Ghana's resources being contracted by John Dramani Mahama to do some face washing for him.

In Ghana, we are bedeviled with fake scammers who will not be deterred so long as they pay their way out of trouble, and in Dele Momodu's case, as long as long as he continues to pamper the President with embellishments that are "fantastically" hard to swallow. It is imperative to know that the relationship that this suspected Nigerian fraudster, Dele Momodu, has developed with President John Mahama over a short period of time is quite sinister because it boils down to millions of dollars that the Ghanaian President doles out to him for this purpose.

That is other than the juicy contracts that follow. The premise for money laundering and other contraband draconian activities might just have set in because it is also spoken that he, illegally, carries a Ghanaian diplomatic passport, to facilitate such organized gangsterism.

Toping and doping seem to be such great indulgence that Dele Momodu and John Mahama have a lot in common when it comes to civil indiscipline. No wonder they are both perpetually intoxicated and power drunk that they see nothing wrong with bombastic discourse and lies. Besides, is it not whisky that is always in the black bottle that accompanies John Mahama wherever he goes? Folks take a look at his pictures and you would notice it.

As it seems now, he is the virus that carries the disease of canker, spreading dirty moneys stolen from Nigeria's coffers by criminal unrepentant bandits of Nigeria's political elite. Besides, the late Moshood Abiola's moneys that were in his trust suddenly vanished into thin air after the demise of the former.

That, too, needs to be investigated, especially that he tried to attach himself on to the back of President Mohammadu Buhari of Nigeria, advantageously, in order to loot when and where possible, but did not stick.

The sad aspect of this Dele Momodu saga is that he is propagating falsehood, like incomplete and non-existent projects of the Ghanaian President. How we'd wish that he could do same for President Mohammadu Buhari who needs the support of all and sundry in his fight against corruption. Alas, he has no sense of patriotism to his country, Nigeria, and as such would only do what he does when he is given greens - Dollars, that is!

How then could he be patriotic to Ghana as a foreigner when he could not show any form of patriotism to his own country?

John Dramani Mahama is entertaining this dastard at the expense of Ghana's tax payers. Many abandoned projects exist that could be completed with the cash that is being paid to Dele Momodu for the nonsensical Twitter and Facebook lies and concocted stories that are baseless and nothing more than a scam to take Ghanaians for a ride.

However, suffice it to say that we are discerning enough to understand the ploys of this very unpopular President and his disastrous 419 government. John Dramani Mahama has lost the sanity that must accompany a level-headed President, a sign that his era is taking the exit door, shamefully.

#JohnMahamaDeportDeleMomodu #JohnMahamaStopDishingOurMOneyToThisUselessForeigner #JohnMahamaYouWillSoonAnswerForYourCrimesAgainstGhanaians

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