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Opinions of Saturday, 22 March 2014

Columnist: Adu-Gyamfi, Kwaku

Too Much Heartache and Headache In The ‘Hood.

From Voice of Reason:

There is plenty of emptiness
In our midst for us to get any happiness
But, we only worry about the cedi’s wellness
When all our river bodies have been polluted
And, our forest has been depilated
Our natural resources are getting hammered
While our politicians are making corruption hallmarked
As if it’s nothing that requires an immediate attention.
I wonder if we have ever thought about the long- term ramifications of our actions.
Sadly and gradually, we’re leaving the next generation with inhabitable nation.
The damage we’ve caused will stop God Almighty from answering our prayers for years.
We’re not even truthful tithe or tax payers.
Now we wonder when everything goes astray.
With too many inequities and iniquities in our system, things are bound to be in disarray.
Oh, Lordy, in a nation with an abundant resources and just twenty-something million bodies
There is no reason to pan-handle for loans across the globe.
While its offspring meanders across the globe.
Ghana’s sons and daughters have become globetrotters and socio-economic, self-imposed exiles.
With no fixed plans to return home any time soon to exhale.
The situation at the home-front is making people always craving to exchange places somewhere
But, there is no green pasture anywhere
We keep searching in vain
While stretching and tearing our veins
How can the government contain the anger and indignations of the people?
When they will one day flex their fists on the table
Because there is too much headache in the ‘hood.
Why so many heartache Ghanaians walking around?
No wonder, they’re not staying around.
One day they will end up weaving their “tweaa flags “with no fears.
Because frustrations are their spears.
They’ll be singing, “tweaa, boys abre!”
I wonder if anyone has ears to hear me.
Tweaaa, not when our Mps are enjoying the gravy train
In their self- contains.
Perhaps they’re saying,” double tweaa, boys abre!! “
Baabia awu !!

Kwaku Adu-Gyamfi (voice of reason)
Asuom, Kwaebibirem district.
*The author is a social commentator and founder of the Adu-Gyamfi foundation for the Disadvantaged Youth of Asuom.