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Opinions of Monday, 19 November 2012

Columnist: Amponsah, Joe

Tony Aidoo-The Self Righteous Apostle

.....verses The Corruption in NDC

Not long ago, in reaction to Former President Rawlings’ accusation that there are “greedy bastards” and “same old evil dwarfs” in the Mills/Mahama government, Dr. Tony Aidoo who strongly believed in his integrity stated that:

• he feels personally scandalized because Mr Rawlings accusation is a general statement that implicates him (Dr Aidoo) and he would find out from President John Mahama if he (Dr Aidoo) is part of any of the two groups because he needs to salvage his conscience;

• he does not know may be somewhere along the line, he might have done something that is tantamount to corruption…he needs to exonerate himself from the blanket statement of greedy bastard;

• “There is rule of law in this country and when you have concrete evidence on corruption, you go and prosecute it. So that we do not have the situation where the very corrupt will turn round and point accusing fingers at innocent people as if they are the ones who are corrupt”;

• “…The founder and the former president also has a point. Because, if in the face of concrete evidence of wrong doing, the NDC government has used three and a half years without landing a single successful prosecution against people who there is concrete evidence of corruption, then why wouldn’t you invite accusations of corruption against you?…How come Asamoah Boateng is still walking a free man;

• How come in the Ghana International Airline case, the Attorney-General walked into his office and he gave them three boxes of document containing clear evidence of conspiracy to kill Ghana Airways, and the case is still in court? We botched the Ghana@50 prosecution when we ourselves set up a Commission of Inquiry and within the Article setting up the commission, you state categorically that the witnesses have immunity and then you go and start criminal prosecution, what kind of thing is this? So why wouldn’t the founder and former president sound frustrated?”

Folks, that is what Dr Aidoo stated. To him, nobody is corrupt but the NPP members. I want to make it clear that I am not stating that some NPP members were not corrupt; sure it appears some were corrupt. However, why Mr Rawlings has accused NPP members of corruption, his “greedy bastards” and “same old evil dwarfs” comments were specifically referred to NDC members and not NPP members, therefore, I do not see any rational basis for Dr Aidoo to discuss whether NPP members are corrupt or not in his attempt to justify that he is not corrupt. It would have been sensible for Dr Aidoo to discuss the corruption of NPP if the accusations were made by NPP members and not Mr Rawlings, who is the founder of NDC party. Therefore, Dr Aidoo’s explanation was completely misplaced.

It is also strange that Dr Aidoo attempted to portray himself as an incorruptible saint, who has never engaged in corruption before. Yet, Dr Aidoo knew that he is corrupt. It has emerged that Dr Aidoo has secretly acquired a Ford Explorer, which was part of former President Kuffour’s presidential fleet) for just 6,200 cedis, despite that the market value is estimated at about 60,000 cedis or 10 times the amount he paid for the SUV vehicle. Since Mr Sammy Awuku, who disclosed the issue had evidence to substantiate his claim; Mr Aidoo had no choice but to admit that he acquired the vehicle at the ridiculous price. Notwithstanding this, he has the audacity to impudently threaten a court action against Mr Sammy Awuku, for disclosing something which is factually true. Shame to Dr Aidoo; after all, his action has indicated that President Rawlings has not accused members of his own NDC party in vain. Clearly, he cannot salvage his conscience, as he boasted in reaction to Mr Rawlings accusation.

It is really absurd for Dr Tony Aidoo, a man with PhD degree to come up with some flimsy excuses that he followed due process in the purchase of the vehicle and that the vehicle was in a bad shape, had no gear box, air-conditioner and other spare parts. Dr Aidoo thinks that he is talking to children. Clearly, his action has not only demonstrated that he is part of the “greedy bastards” and “same old evil dwarfs, but also very hypocritical, as he was one of those NDC members who in 2001, pursued some NPP members to retrieve state cars they used the same process to acquired. In fact, through his actions, personal cars of some NPP members that they had genuinely bought privately and had nothing to do with the Ghana government were even seized. Yet, the same person is doing the same thing while promoting himself as a self-righteous person. Ladies and gentlemen, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Some NDC members are plundering Ghana coffers. They have paid 51 million cedis to Wayome for no job done. They have also paid several other judgement debts in very suspicious manner. With all these happening under the so called Better Ghana Agenda, while ordinary citizens are suffering under extremely abject poverty. As I will also write soon about in another paper, Allotey Jacobs is drawing astronomical salary from the state as a board member of Ghana Electricity Corporation, while the state is experiencing severe blackouts.

They are building school buildings at 4 times the price that Kuffour government built similar buildings in 2008, yet, they claim inflation has drastically gone down.

They claimed they would reduce petrol price drastically, instead they increased it drastically.

The President himself is seriously being suspected of signing bogus contracts to inflate the acquisition prices of aircrafts purchased from Brazil and contracts related to the abrogated STX deal, which has caused Ghana $300 million because of their stupidity.

Folks, do not entrust your destiny into the hands of NDC for they will bankrupt the future of your country and you and your descendants would be the losers. So on 7 December 2012, when you are voting make sure you take the right decision.

Source: Joe Amponsah