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Opinions of Friday, 14 January 2011

Columnist: Acquah, Kwamena

Togolese Citizens Must Respect Our Political Leaders

Our attention has been drawn to some statements attributed to a newspaper in Ghana calling itself the Ghanaian Lens and edited by Mr Kobla Fiagbe , a Togolese national now resident in Ghana and an editor of the Ghanaian Lens. This paper is claiming on authority that NPP UK and Ireland, an overseas branch of the opposition NPP has called for Mr Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie its General Secretary known as Sir John to be removed as General Secretary of the NPP . We checked with the Executives of the branch in the United Kingdom and they flatly denied this and condemned it as a lie .We can only conclude that Mr Kobla Fiagbe probably has a mental problem or needs to see a psychiatrist for urgent medical examination.

The Ghanaian Lens including its editor and all those who write in it are feeling the heat of Mr Owusu Afriyie’s exposures of the weak ,indecisive, led NDC government of Professor Mills and John Mahama, a Professor of Law and an international playboy who even cannot their sums right on the TOR Debt, a Professor who allows the likes of Kofi Awoonor, Ato Awhoi ,Kofi Totobi Quakyi and others to meet at night to do musical chair reshuffles and appointments for him to approve and then turn round and tell his party members WORE HAW ME!!!!!!!. Sir John would also not use state funds to build Mansions at Oyarifa, use state funds to buy farms for personal use in the Karaga district, Spend 4 billion cedis on budget workshops, insult taxi drivers and nurses and deposit 3 million dollars in private bank accounts in switzerland when Ghanaians are suffering from 300% road tolls, severe water shortages, disco light electricity services ,high transport fares and rising food prices.

Mr Sir John, is a general secretary of his party and elected by majority of his partys members without any Swedru Declaration. He must continue to carry out his functions as General Secretary of his party and as a private citizen of Ghana. He will continue to constructively criticize the government and offer sensible alternatives and expose corruption, nepotism, tribalism, snake worship , cat worship, oil theft, sakawa deals and anything that is not helping our dear nation to move forward.

We call on President Mills and our authorities to read out the riot act to foreigners and aliens to respect our democratic freedoms and our laws and stop making false accusations against innocent citizens

Kwamena Acquah
Chairman, Friends of Transparency and Democracy(FTD)