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Opinions of Saturday, 23 April 2011

Columnist: Transient Justice

Today Libya and Ivory Coast Tomorrow Ghana

When the Ivory Coast situation first started I was the first writers on Ghanaweb to expose the hypocrisy of the west when it came to their neocolonial foreign policy especially in Africa. That was roughly 5 months ago. Let me recap what has happened since then. After a long stand off, Alassane Ouattra’s army (The rebels who disarmed in order to have a free election but, magically got weapons worth millions of dollars to start fighting again) and the French untied and decided to Bomb President Gbagbo out of his bunker. After he was forced to surrender he was delivered a few slaps and after his wife was likewise humiliated he was moved to an undisclosed location. Since then, we have not heard any news about him. Is he alive? Nobody knows! What we do know is that his minister Desire Tagro was massacred by the French and Ouattara’s forces.

Source: Source: Source(Graphic):

In this new neocolonial age with the UN(United Neocolonialist) leading the way it is perfectly normal to massacre shoot people in the face, and leave them for dead! Democracy only applies to you when you are on the side of the West! If not, there will be propaganda ran against you and local criminals will join the foreigners and help you’re your government while having your constitution damned!! That is the world we live in today! If you don’t believe me ask yourself this simple question, how come Quattara’s forces and the French can massacre 1000-3000 people and, there is no talk of taking them before the ICC(International Colonial Court) but, they are talking about Gbagbo and Gaddafi? Source:



In fact, since this racist ICC Court started only Africans have been put before it! Is that not a form of colonialism? Are they so racist to perpetuate the myth that only Africans are criminals? Why are more Africans not talking about this? Is this something new in Africa that people don’t understand?As someone who reads history I can confidently say that nothing that is happening now is new. What is going on today is similar to what was going on 300 years ago. The game plan has not changed an iota. Let me lay it out for those who don’t know it.

1) Find an area that is within your national interest. 2) Study the area and understand the dynamics of it. 3) Jump on one side of an issue and help them massacre their “brothers”. 4) Now, you have a puppet in power who owes you!!!!

It’s the same game over and over yet it continues to work across the developing world!

But, no one talks about it! As of this article I will continue to expose the neocolonial agenda of outsiders with whatever free time I have in the sprit of Martin Niemoller.

Pastor Martin Niemoller(1892–1984) said the following quote whichI will edit to fit the current situation!!!

“First they came for the Libyans and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Libyam.

Then they came for the Ivorians and I didn't speak out because I wasn't an Ivorian Then they came for the (Insert whoever is next) and I didn't speak out because I wasn't (Insert whoever is next)

Then they came for us and there was no one left to speak out for us”

This must not be allowed to happen! Is this same narrative going to be African’s story in 2011? From Colonialism to Neocolonialism!!Oh what misery!! Even in our own back yard in this year(2011) ECOWAS is a source of neocolonialism in region with Goodluck Jonathan and Victor Gbeho wearing “miniskirts” and taking every position the West throws at them. Can you believe that this is the same Goodluck who stood by as his own citizens were massacred? Source: Source:

And according to my sources cannot even visit the North of his country yet, he had the audacity to go around looking for money to go attack Ivory Coast when they were down and divided! The problem for him is; his masters did not trust him so; they decided to use the Rebels within the country and, the rest is history!

In 2011 even the AU is not as strong as I want it to be. This project of Nkrumah which started as source of liberation is being infiltrated as we speak . Source: This is after the West started bombing Libya on the day they were suppose to go negotiate a deal and, after the AU was kept out of all major discussions until recently!

The AU has done relatively well this year when compared to the past but, they are still not vocal enough for me and are still not getting many issues right. They have good intentions but, as of right now they are not acting strong! For example, I will reiterate that there has been no condemnation of the Massacre of 1000-2500 unarmed civilians by the French and Ouattara's forces!! Are the Massacred people worthless because they were killed by forces the West endorsed and the France? Damn the International Colonial Court(ICC)! Damn the United Colonialist(UN). The whole organization is a facade. All of this while a massacre has been happening over the past month.

Some Pics of ongoing massacre Warning Graphic:

Are Sarkozy and Ban Ki Moon going to go before the court for sanctioning the death of these people via not doing their job as peacekeepers and instead attacking the constitutionally elected president? How many more do they want to kill? These were not even soldiers but, unarmed civilians killed for pathetic and backward reasons! Are the UN and French there as peacekeepers for all Ivorians or, are they simply there to protect their “puppet”?!!!? Right now, the elected president according to Ivorian law has been kidnapped by the French and Ouattara’s men and, there is no outrage! No pride! Very few men of integrity who have spoken out!! All of this while in essence a precedent has been set which states that in African our laws don’t matter! Our constitutions are toilet paper, and if the west does not back who wins their UN neocolonial army will bomb you out of power!!!! This will occur essentially everywhere!

Well, everywhere but Southern Africa were they seem to have more dignity!We are very unlucky to be stuck in a region were nobody wants to stand for anything. Does Southern African have some of the puppets we have in West Africa? I can say with some certainty that there are no Goodluck Jonathan’s and Victor Gbeho’s in Southern Africa. They wouldn’t survive there! Southern Africa simply has more men with a little bit more integrity . Not a lot more since South Africa still voted for the No-Fly-Zone in Libya the results of which are 10,000 people dead in a stalemate with more bombs going to kill more but, Southern African has a little more integrity because, they stood by Mugabe when the English ran 3 years of propaganda agaist him! Mugabe is still helping his country develop and they have peace! Where is Gbagbo?

We have no idea where he is and may never find out! In the end, all nations must be warned. Learn from this lesson or you are next. If you are going to rely on the United Neocolonialist (UN) and, the International Colonial Court (ICC) your heritage will be seized and sold for even cheaper than it was before! The people who worked to overthrow most sensible African leaders in the 60’s are back at it again with full force and the game has not changed much! Let’s make a change so that those coming after us won’t live in such an unjust world.