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Opinions of Sunday, 10 January 2010

Columnist: Kyei-Mensah-Osei, Kofi

To A True Soldier, Major (Rtd) Courage Quashigah; An Ode

Major (Rtd) Courage Quashigah
You were a courageous, disciplined and fearless soldier who couldn’t be gagged.
The true soldier amongst the soldiers
You stood tall amongst your peers.

A fine gentleman in the class of the noble
Yet you were so soft-hearted, so kind, extremely friendly and humble.
You put a human face on our military
During the ‘revolutionary’ pandemonium in the country.

An honest and dedicated husband
You were also a committed father, a disciplinarian and a family man.
Major, you should have tarried a little longer
You shouldn’t have been in haste to go up yonder.

You served your country and army with distinction
We wish you stayed longer but now that you are gone, your kind is sadly in extinction.
Whence cometh another of the Major’s kind?
Oh God, hear Ghana’s prayer and be so kind!

A true Ewe, you served the Volta Region selflessly
You approached issues fairly, with no prejudice and dealt with them diligently.
Most importantly you cut through tribal lines, gender and religion
You were loved by the young and old in every region.

Your standards were so high
Foes and detractors criticised because they could not get nigh.
Now you’ve gone up on high
Why wouldn’t Ghanaians sigh?

You were extremely patriotic
No wonder then that you found a home in the party of the patriots.
You served your party conscientiously
And discharged your responsibilities judiciously!

Your loyalty to your beloved country was unquestionable
Your dedication and commitment to Mother Ghana’s democracy was undeniable.
If the world is a stage, you played your role flawlessly
And you deserve to ascend to your maker effortlessly.

Volta Region will miss you bitterly
But every tribe in the country, north to the south; east to west will all miss you sorely.
It’s true your departure has created a vacuum in your family
But the chasm is even bigger politically.
Your wife and children loved you
And your second family, the New Patriotic Party cherished you.
To your beloved country Ghana and the entire citizenry, you were a treasure
And you contributed beyond measure.

We would’ve wished you stayed a little bit longer
Being human, mortal and as fallible as we are, we thought we loved you better.
But nay, God the Almighty loves you best
And long may you rest.

You faced death squarely
Just like the meaning of your name ‘Courage’, you fought death courageously.
Alas, the true Ranger is gone
And how I wish a million words could compose you a song.

You are not dead though, Major
The heavenly army needed an honest soldier and a disciplined commander.
So you have gone to continue the job you so much love to do
And may success follow you up there too.

So fare thee well the courageous one
May you find eternal rest in the bosom of the ALMIGHTY one.
Da Yie, Patriotic one!!
Onyame mfa wo nko fie!!!

Kofi Kyei-Mensah-Osei