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Opinions of Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Columnist: Amartey, Edmund

Tithing is robbing and stealing from god's people !

This is the second and hopefully the concluding part of our discussion on tithing. And let me begin by saying that this article is intended for those who want to know the truth according to the Bible, and are willing to search the Scriptures to see whether these things are so. Acts 17:10-11. In the first part, many were enlightened and some burdens were lifted off many shoulders that have been groaning under the yoke of this bondage brought into the church by greedy or ignorant preachers. Others were mad because their false doctrines and greed and love for money have been exposed. Others were simply ignorant and behaved like the proverbial ostrich that would rather hide its head in the sand than confront error. And some were very indignant, insulting and cursing instead of proving their position by the Scriptures.

As said in the previous post, I used to teach and preach tithing, and when I did, the people just got up and parted with their money. One time, at a church here in Atlanta, Georgia, a pastor friend complained bitterly about the low financial position of his church and invited me to come and speak on tithing, saying his congregation didn't like tithing, and that even weekly offerings were very low. I told him, " Well, it's going to be different on Sunday." Then he asked me, " How ? " I said, " You wait and see ! " As you can imagine, the offering was over and above by about 1000 % the next Sunday. Those who didn't have cash wrote cheques like crazy, and I was proud to coerce them to bring out their money, telling them how they've robbed God and denied themselves blessings, using the "curse" of Malachi 3:9, for good measure ! Finally, I exhorted and commanded them, " Bring all the tithes into the storehouse.....! " I could see the terror on some faces and a lady was literally shaking as she wrote her cheque !

Lord, be merciful to us and forgive us for our many transgressions, twisting Your Word, misapplying Scriptures and abusing Your congregation with our greed and love for money ! Thank You for Your mercy and for Your blood which cleanses us from all sin ! I have repented and cannot in all good conscience preach or teach tithing again, because it is not for the New Testament church ! After carefully studying the Scriptures, I realized that Malachi was talking about corrupt priests in the Old Testament and not the New Testament believers, but these Scriptures in Malachi 3:8-12, have been used for generations to "scam" the Lord's people into parting with their money. Certainly, there are preachers who have been speaking against this abuse of Scriptures and "scamming" the Lord's people, but they have been looked upon with disdain and scorn and venom, but it is better for us to be scorned by mortal men than to fall into the hands of the living God. Hebrews 10:31. " Woe to the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of My pasture, saith the Lord." Jeremiah 23:1.


No, my beloved, you're not cursed if you don't tithe, and neither are you blessed if you do; God does not need your money in order to bless you ! Abraham was already blessed by God before he ever thought of giving tithes, and so don't let any sakawa prophet, pastor, apostle, bishop, archbishop, or whoever intimidate you by twisting Scriptures to steal your money. The believer should give cheerfully, out of love for the Lord and His work, and not be pressured or threatened or cursed into giving. Our giving could be 10%, 100%, 1000%, 1% or zero %. according to our ability ! The Lord is more interested in our motivation than in the amount we give. Do you remember the widow's mite ? Luke 21:1-4.

What is your motivation for giving money or property to the church ? Is it so that you could be elevated in the church by your pastor ? Is it so that people would know that you are the highest giver in the church ? Is it to support the Lord's work or do you want favours from your pastor or prophet or whatever they call themselves ? Are you under a guilty conscience and do you think giving money to the church would ease the pain ? Did you rob or steal or commit adultery or fornication and expect the pastor to take your money and pray for you ? Remember, the Lord says, " I hate robbery for burnt offering." Isaiah 61:8. He does not delight in "stinking" or blood money ! Alas, many preachers are so greedy for money that they don't even care how you got the money, and would put curses on you instead of blessings.


Yes, in Matthew 23:23, He acknowledged that tithing was an obligation under the Old Covenant, but even so He taught the Pharisees to show mercy and kindness and faith. Besides, the Old Covenant was still in effect, and Jesus spoke to them as under the Law. The New Covenant was only ratified after His blood was shed on the cross. Jesus did not collect tithes from anyone, though He came to die for all mankind, therefore don't allow any greedy or ignorant pastor, prophet, apostle, bishop or archbishop to bamboozle you into paying tithes.


All over Ghana, churches are springing up everywhere like mushrooms and this is a good thing only if the motivation is right. But the truth is many are in the ministry not because the Lord has called them, but because they want to make easy money from gullible people who don't know the Bible. They love your money more than they love your soul. They are in it for the money; it's all about the money. God has not sent many of them yet they run, giving false prophesies and vain promises to helpless people. Jeremiah 23:21; Ezekiel 13:1-23. The Lord will deliver His people out of their hands, but the people need to be wise, and stop giving their money to greedy wolves in sheep's clothing. These false pastors and prophets need to start their own businesses to make their money, and stop fleecing the people in the name of the Lord for judgment is coming and has come !


Finally, if anyone feels they are being blessed for giving tithes, good for them, and they can continue to do so if they like. But if you feel you're under a curse, I can assure you that it is not because you don't pay tithes, but it could be something else. The Lord Jesus became a curse for us so that the blessings of Abraham shall be our portion. Galatians 3:13-14. If there is any sin in your life, confess it before the Lord and ask for forgiveness. Change your ways and do what is pleasing to the Lord and let His blessings follow you.

Brother Amartey