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Opinions of Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Columnist: Adjei Boakye

Time to cleanup students' leadership

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At a point in time, we should think or consider organizing a massive clean-up exercise within the Student's bodies in order to put the fraternity back on track.

This is not about glorious hymns where the leading vocalist will shout.."Praise him!!!", but it is about Stripling that faulty and non-uniformed Students front naked.

Off late, their activities are becoming uninspiring. Nartey Larweh in his poem, So many rivers to cross, captured It perfectly, "I have reached a stage in life, where going forward is perilous, flicking back is cowardice, remaining still is suicidal but I will persevere." We can not flick back, maintaining this situation too is suicidal and even a threat to the front, but upon everything, we have to organize this exercise in order to strengthen the front of which Perseverance is unabated.

The front is gradually becoming weak and dysfunctional...the gaits of the horses infront are no more functioning, and this has affected their locomotion. Some one will term it as, "lame horses."

Student leadership has nothing to do with grammar because it's not a grammar competition, it's not how handsome or beautiful one is, but it is a serious business, where men and women with a romantic brain can add up something to the dashboard. Those who can turn things around, and can accept competence and integrity as their personal saviour.

Those who can bring something out of nothing, those who can bring a rotten bone, back to life. Those we can label as game-changers. Those who can bury their pride and swallow the coin of arrogance, just to inspire hope.

Men and women, who can do away with fear, and showcase some level of confidence to the extent of speaking the truth to power. This doesn't sound like asking for heaven to be replicated on our miserable part of the earth. This has nothing to do with miracles.

Someone who will reenforce the Confucian tradition that, a man is responsible for everything, irrespective of the situation, even in the midst of crisis. A special surgeon, who will be bold to give the right diagnosis and can go further to remove that cancerous tumor.

Students leadership needs a second look because they are the mouthpiece of over a million people across the state. The current situation can be described as an error of an era. As my friend, Bombay will say, "there is more room for improvement."

As Fiifi Fiavi Kwetey said, "A new breed of leadership is needed. Leaders who are preoccupied with empowerment; not those obsessed with raw power and ready to use deception to consolidate same."

A new wind should blow, and I know it will eliminate those who see corruption as Romeo's love for Juliet. Currently, the front is on life support, at the intensive care unit of a sicker leadership hospital.

We can't afford to fail this generation, we should bury our timidity, which has been misinterpreted as humility and face reality. There are a lot on the Student's cheers board, of which some need immediate attention or response.

Will urge all Student leaders to stand firm and speak the truth with facts and figures. Currently, that front can be described as "Lame horse". They should take the boo by the horn, and rise up from their unromantic tail.

That tumor needs immediate attention.

Thank you.

Author: Adjei Boakye/Student Activist.


Executive Director: *Captains Connekt*