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Opinions of Sunday, 8 September 2013

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

The Only Way Forward for the NPP to….

The most painful thing in the world is for someone to permanently underestimate your intelligence; take your leniency for a weakness, and capitalise on your resolve to always remain calm and be so forgiving, to humiliate you all of the time. That attitudinal Ghanaian laxity of "fa ma Nyame" (Leave it to Providence), has always been the bane of Ghanaians.

? The NPP as a party and people, have been victims of gentility and "fa ma Nyame". Until those belonging in the party re-examine their attitudes, the party will forever remain in opposition until thy Kingdom come. It was not for nothing that the late renowned musician, Alex Kwabena Konadu, aka "One Man Thousand" stated categorically that, "when all human beings are morphing into wild animals, do change along with them else, they will turn to devour you after they have turned into beasts"

? It is not that Nana Akufo Addo has not been winning elections or did not win presidential Election 2012 as some political rivals and malevolent persons are teasing him of . It is just that he is consistently being robbed of the winning verdict by both the militant NDC and the probably partisan Supreme Court judges. For the fact that neither he nor his party is violent, the NDC keeps twisting his arm to rob him of the position God has prepared for him.

? The way forward therefore is for the NPP and all discerning Ghanaians to shed their well known character of malleability to assume that of uncompromising militancy. Without being on equal militant or violent footing with the NDC, let NPP and any other rival political party in Ghana forget about ever winning power in Ghana. They will never be able to take over power from the NDC whose violent posture or bestiality before, during and after elections, will forever strengthen their resolve to impose themselves on Ghanaians through election riggings and abuse of incumbency.

? It is about time the NPP permitted some among them to become beasts behaving in equal manner as the NDC folks. They should not criticise their kind in public even if they behave waywardly. Reprimanding their offending colleagues weakens them, and allows the NDC to take advantage of the situation to further wedge them wider apart.

? The NPP should do away with the existing nonsensical factionalism among them – Nana Akufo Addo,s camp and Alan Kyeremanteng’s camp with the dreadful ghosts of Tarzan Wereko-Brobbey and his ilk lurking in the dark. Throughout the campaign of which I played an active on-the-ground role, those belonging in other factions other than Nana’s, were not as active as one would expect of them. They may even be jubilant that Nana Akufo Addo was robbed of the winning election results. To any of them entertaining that view, be it known to them that, "if the malevolent person knew he would end up him or herself eating the head of the game, he would have taken care to smoke it properly". The saying goes for all those happy at the unfortunate election robberies the NDC with their agents, assigns and the Supreme Court are inflicting on Nana Akufo Addo. It will become to them, "Had I known is always at last", if they did not change their evil mind-sets about the unfortunate fate faced by Nana and the NPP.

? The NPP should start playing politics by the understanding of NDC and Africans else, they should forget it. A word to the wise is enough.

? The battle is still the Lord’s. God will surely speak. No matter how long it takes, the truth will out. Please listen to me live on Sources radio UK FM 96.3 for further explanations, any day from today.

? Rockson Adofo