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Opinions of Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Columnist: Patriotic North NPP

Time for all liberal minded democrats to rise up


It is high time we became conscious of the desperate and diabolic machinations of some anti-peace elements within our party. These spoilsports have devised some clandestine tactics aimed at derailing and grounding the administration of Mr. Paul Afoko as the first ever northerner to be National Chairman of our party.

Having failed in their earlier ploys at stopping Mr. Afoko from becoming National Chairman, they have now diabolically resorted to the use of various forms of attacks on his person and leadership in order to detract his focus from restructuring our party and implementing his New Plan for Power (which vision delegates bought into and overwhelming voted for).

It is unfortunate how these party wreckers are exploiting the ignorance of some of our fellow northern brothers within the party to launch several lethal arsenals against their own kind, Mr. Afoko, and his General Secretary Kwabena Agyepong.

Even Party Chairmen like Adam Mahamma, Bugre Naabu, Alhaji Short and the former National Youth organizer Anthony Karbo, including some sycophantic party faithful of northern descent, have all allowed themselves to be exploited and used as weapons of insult and vendetta against the current leader of our great Party.

The new leadership of our great party, headed by Mr. Paul Afoko, has a herculean task ahead. The successful organization of the two stages of presidential primaries in the party is a novelty, which Mr. Afoko and his team of executives cannot but accomplish.

Once a flag bearer has been elected, Chairman Afoko and his team will be preparing and lubricating the party machine at the grassroots to wrest power from the NDC in 2016.

Rather than galvanizing our collective support and prayers for our great leader to leave a shining legacy for our party for future generations to emulate, we are allowing ourselves to be used as forces of darkness against him. Many of us have soon forgotten the wonderful contributions of Mr. Afoko to the party here in the north during the 2008 and 2012 general elections, even when he was not National Chairman of the NPP.

Now that the wise people of the party have given him the opportunity to commit even more efforts and resources for the reconstruction and reinforcement of our great party’s infrastructure for recapturing of power, some party members are making it impossible for him to succeed.

We the members of the Patriotic North are by this press release calling on all independent-minded persons within our great party to rise up strongly against the series of barbaric orchestrations, being mounted on daily basis against the dynamic leadership of Mr. Afoko and the General Secretary, Kwabena Agyepong.

The thousands of discerning delegates, who saw the wisdom in entrusting the stewardship of the party into the strong hands of Paul Afoko and Kwabena Agyepong, should also begin to raise their loud voices against the few minority, who are refusing to accept the values of liberal democracy.

We also wish to use this opportunity to admonish, more especially, our northern brothers and sisters including office holders in the party to rethink, and desist from turning themselves into rags for the dirty works of those mafia cliques within the party, whose only objective is to maintain perpetual control over the party’s resources for their selfish interest. There is nothing as savage as the violent invasion of a press conference in twenty first century Ghana, within a constitutional democratic era.

While this is a painful cry from the North, we call on all peace loving members of the NPP to stand up and reject the machinations going on to disrespect and demean the chairmanship of Mr. Paul Afoko. We wish to sound serious caution here that, if the perpetration of this evil against Mr. Afoko’s administration does not stop, we will only be reinforcing the long held view that the NPP is a southern or Akan party, and our attempts at giving it a new image will fall through.

Mr Paul Afoko has a four year mandate and any individual or group of individuals who cannot put up with this reality, must give way if they are not determined in destroying a party which was characterized with peace until wise President Kuffour’s influence waned.

We the Patriotic North will continue to use every peaceful and democratic means at our disposal to ensure that political justice and decency prevails within our great party as has been the case some time past. Less we forget, our party’s motto is Development in Freedom!

God Bless Ghana, God Bless N.P.P.


Signed by:

1. Yaw Mort

(Former Upper East Regional Organizer—NPP / Coordinator of Patriotic North) Contact: 020-6663451 / 0244-772362

2. R.A. Ayine Naba (1st Spokesperson) 020-7455607

3. Michael Abogro (2nd Spokesperson)020-6432434

4. Mark Wanaba (Secretary) 0266-723347