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Opinions of Friday, 18 November 2011

Columnist: Asigri, Daniel Zanyeya

“...Time for NDC electorates to hear us...”

For the benefit of our great NDC in government today, some of the participants in this study are in my view, seasoned party supporters whose involvement would forever remain confidential. I am hugely grateful to them in terms of the meanings all the research participants brought to the data which in turn would certainly help in informing NDC supporters nationally and worldwide of any missing ingredients in the government’s failings that ‘hurts’ some of the electorates. Furthermore, I am inclined to contend that because of the substantive richness in the perceptual set of the participants as contained in the data the researcher might be accused of being a data ‘hoarder’ of which I unreservedly apologise for that; In other words this 3rd Feature Article constitutes the last phase of this study.

As shown in the 2nd Feature Article of the report as of late the researcher continues to maintain a similar vein of attitude in his approach to all the participants within the Garu/Tempane District cum Constituency whereby some are naturally known to him; hence I endeavoured moving cautiously to avoid data corruption and bias: A participant (teacher) in Garu lamented on the recent political developments in Sunyani that led to the election of President Mills and a defeat to Mrs Konadu Rawlings and he added, “... we were rather shocked and utterly dismayed on viewing how some of the delegates were booing the founder of our party NDC, and his wife Nana know what, a gentleman who was sitting next to me on the same bench as we watched the television jumped on to his feet and yelled senior brother is in the hall and I only hope that he does not hoot at Jerry and Nana...when he comes home and says that he hooted at the couple...that will be the day...the whole family will quit NDC for good...I’m not joking at wait and see...after all in 2008 we won the elections by “hairsbreadth” ...just like how we held our breath when Tain election results were being announced and shone on the television screens...NDC must not behave like kids today...Ha! Ha! Ha! Look at them ...even the school children in our village found that sort of behaviour hard to come to terms with whilst others keep on asking me...uncle are you voting and campaigning for NDC in the coming elections or have to talk to senior uncle about what we all saw in the television when he comes home...”.

A trader who commutes between Garu, Worinyanga, and Sinkanse in Northern Republic of Togo to render sales to his customers was unperturbed in his political opinion as it is, and said:” wife told me this morning that you called last Thursday but unfortunately I had to leave home very early for Worinyanga day is always busy here ...yes, always busy on market days but I am managing sir. Oh yes DZ, let me tell you frankly...things are not working well at all for our party the NDC up here and I learn from friends down the south that things are just getting worse and worse...of course we are very worried for most of us and you too have suffered a lot for NDC and look,...the thing is this, why should the big bosses in Accra continue fighting and fighting here and there almost every day...they would not leave Jerry alone, they would not leave Nana Konadu alone, they would not leave President Mills alone...ah, ah, eh, DZ... is better to leave each other in peace and start serious campaign for next year’s elections. Being a trader...DZ, I am always with the people day in day out and I can boast loudly that here in Garu Tempane constituency...we don’t stand any chance of taking the seat again if NDC remains in the hands of the present MP. The people are saying that they are tired of him and that he tells too much lies...lies and lies...that he is always saying ‘am coming and am coming’... now we all know him as coming, am coming MP, who never comes...DZ, the MP is just a liar...I only pray that he does not contest the seat again...I am sure the NPP man will pick up the seat...but you know what many people are always talking about you DZ and you helped the NDC here in the 2008 elections there was no way the incumbent man could have won the seat for NDC but rather that NPP man...what can we the foot soldiers here do...nobody takes notice of us here even the DCE and the party chairman...may be JJ himself...laughter...cough...laughter...excuse me have the patience to listen and talk to people like me...em you know...try to phone me again...but when at all are you coming home ...bye DZ”.

A ‘pito’ seller in Garu spoke hurriedly and said; “... DZ, what happened... since you went back to London after our last elections I never heard from you again but I think you are well...but just speak to my son in-law here he can speak better English than myself...I have told him everything about our NDC problems here in Garu/Tempane...MP and the DCE are not good and they will kill NDC for good...for to him...”The telephone interview continued with the said gentleman - a teacher from Ashanti Region but he usually returns home on every elections to vote in Garu Tempane Constituency. He’s true that there are many problems here...MP, DCE cannot be trusted here anymore by our people and this can easily spoil NDC’s chances of winning in Garu/Tempane Coonstituency. Nobody knows exactly what these two men and the party chairman are doing in this constituency except to attend funerals and pretend to campaign for NDC...just imagine how can one be taken seriously whilst campaigning in funeral houses...others are saying that the DCE and the MP do have a degree of arrogance and one wonders if they feel that they have some sort of propriety right as part of that arrogance to do as he please in this constituency...we all know that the DCE is NPP by night and NDC by day...the people just don’t trust both of them...we just don’t like any of ‘am coming MP ’...sir NDC will find things very hard here if ...em...em...em am coming is the NDC candidate next time...good luck with your research and I hope you will continue to promote the ideals of NDC ...I am pleased to speak to you...thank you sir”.

In an attempt to speak to a farmer in Tempane near Garu, he said...”I can’t say much because I don’t want you to waste your units but I’m happy that you have telephoned... I want you to talk to my daughter and son who attend the high school here...but do you have plenty units in your phone...units are costly here...I hear it is very cheap in your country over there...speak to my daughter first; “...hello uncle how are you sir...I attend the high school here in Tempane but things are hard for us...we now have good teachers but because things are hard we don’t see most of them but they are trying hard to help us...we get free uniforms and food now but uncle...the food is too small so if you are late to the dining hall you will get nothing to the school others are saying that JJ is not coming back to make propaganda for NDC that his wife failed in the election in July and my father says that is true and that many of NDC followers in Garu/Tempane will not vote for NDC parliamentary or president again...that they will be voting for Asamari’s NPP party if our present MP is standing again. My father says the MP and the DCE are liars so no one will vote for NDC this time. In the school the big boys and girls are saying that they will all vote for NPP because of the MP...that am coming, am coming MP...the chief and his elders here say that they have nothing to do with the MP and the NDC too...and that he tells lies too much...yes sir...I will work hard and pass all my exams...thank you sir. ” Speaking to the farmer’s son after we acknowledged greetings he said:”...sir I attend the same school with my senior sister here in Tempane with other children from other villages like Kpekpira, Bugwega, Kpalsoko and other places. We are now given food in the school but it is just a little bit and you must always rush to the dining hall before it is too late...we are happy with the uniforms too but my shorts is just too large and my class mates are laughing at me always...many parents are pleased with the help the NDC government has given us. Some of the parents have been swearing to my father that it is because of the MP that they are running away to NPP and nothing else...NDC must try to get somebody because the people don’t like our MP because my mates are always talking bad of the MP...that he never says true things to their parents...thank you for your phone father says good bye to you sir”. The narrative account given by the participants in this study have been a worthwhile political/academic undertaking the outcome of which I think would enhance our approach to the understanding of the electorates and should not be viewed through a jaundiced tunnel - election 2012 should not be seen as a long way in which to pursue, folks!

By: Asigri, Daniel Zanyeya (EdD) Health Care Researcher London