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Opinions of Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Columnist: Akoto, Nana Kwame

Thumbs up to Victoria Hammah - NDC / NPP Cowards

First of all, allow me to say that Ghanaians ARE hypocrites, and the seat of Government is riddled with an school of agya-koo comedians who are somewhat entertaining the political arena with immature utterrances.

Indeed you are reading this to feed your own hypocrisy , because deep down you know for a fact you have said worse things than what Victoria Hammah purportedly said about other political foes, friends, family, colleagues etc, the only difference here is that your words were never recorded but were uttered. So what does that make you ?? Does her recordings give you the right chastise her and throw her to the wolves?

The political apparatus of both the NDC and NPP have succeeded in giving birth to scandalous acts of recordings ( be it audio or video ) of their opponents in the country and this has got to stop. Ghana would go down the drain if we continue to feed into things sinister acts of desperation. We all say this or that about people we do not like , its human nature and none of us can deny that., however this should not create a fan-fare to discredit the integrity of anyone , and the hard work people working for the government are understaking.

Over the past couple of years we have seen and heard of audio and video of public figures how were lured into sexual acts, insighted to say things that could be used against them etc etc. We all remember what happened to Nana Akuffo Addo when he was caught on tape trying to fondly the breast of a GBC worker , we all recall Dr. Boateng Gyan and his ranting about what should or should not have been done, and of course no one would forget about the incident with Kofi Adams and what he supposedly said on tape etc etc .. and now this.

Victoria Hammah, by default (that’s if it is indeed her on the tape ) was sharing her views and opinions about things happening around her, which she is entitled to, and is her right just like any one of us. Perhaps what is even bold is her admission to what she wants to get out of politics , which frankly speaking ALL POLITICIANS in Ghana are guilty of. Because we all know how quickly Ghanaian Politician buy cars and houses once they get into the political lime light., so what is the fuss about ????????

Our advice to the NDC executives is start work on damage control , rather than pouring petrol in an already burning situation. If the structures in place does not have any person or persons responsible for damage control, then its time such a person or persons is appointed to weather these storms. It’s a shame , l would have to conclude that the communications team, have failed Victoria Hammah, and using her as a scape goat is truly a huge blow to the NDC Party. To Victoria, we say, hang in there, you did not do anything NO ONE HAS EVER DONE, find a place in yourself to forgive your driver and take cue for this as you struggle through the political arena. Word of advice, never sell yourself short but not truly expressing what you think or feel. A huge number of Ghanaians both home and abroad hold a candle for you. Continue to work for Ghana., and don’t let this darken your efforts.

God bless Ghana.

Deputy Youth Organizer

Nana Kwame Akoto