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Opinions of Friday, 25 July 2014

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Three Mallams Engage God in a Fierce Contest Over Kumawu Issue

Wonders, they say, will never end. A history is about to be made in Kumawu. All along, it has been the wish of God to manifest in the lives of Kumawuman citizens in a very special, if not, in a unique way.

The people of Kumawuman, especially Kumawu, have suffered the near total lack of essential developments since the 1970s. Kumawu has not had water running through her rusty pipelines since early 1970s. The underground pipelines were even dubiously dug out and sold in 2006 by some criminals, with or without, the knowledge of the then paramount chief. Kumawu is without public toilets. It has also not enough home toilets. Where many households ease themselves is anyone’s guess.

The deficiency of essential developments in the area is greatly due to the lack of farsightedness by our traditional leaders coupled with their insatiable greed to fraudulently avail themselves of the traditional coffers.

On the death of the paramount chief in 2007, many a Kumawu citizen’s prayer was to have a royal from the real royal family (Ananingya) to be enstooled. However, the corrupt nature of our current crop of traditional leaders did not help the situation, but rather made matters worse. The chiefs in Council agreed to lie about the royal family history (paramountcy) of Kumawuman. They also flouted statutory laws, Ashanti custom law and usages, in their eagerness to enstool a candidate of their choice as the new Kumawuhene-elect.

In their haste to execute their nefarious activity, they fell into a trap laid by God. Whenever God wants the truth to out in fulfilment of His wishes as purposed for a person or a particular occasion, those found to be intransigent get ensnarled.

In the situation of Kumawu, a woman claiming to be all-powerful, holding the citizens in suspense has done the unthinkable that has landed her in trouble. In her bizarre quest to get out of the trouble, and also to ensure her wish, but not that of God, materialises, she has engaged the services of three Mallams who are currently hidden in her house performing their purported juju. All their activities will be in vain.

Since day one, following the demise of the paramount chief, Barima Asumadu Sakyi II, God in his infinite wisdom, has designated a person after His choice to become the new Kumawuhene. All those resisting Him are being shamed. The three Mallams will also be shamed. They will fail in their evil enterprises or endeavours. If it was not so, the very persons offering and accepting bribes in seclusion, would themselves not come out public with their criminal act, on their own volition. That is how God works to have His purposes for individuals come to fruition.

The Mallams, who in this period of Ramadan, are deeply involved in heinous juju activities instead of fasting and praying to God (Allah) for forgiveness of sins, will suffer the very evil they intend for others. God will deal them a heavy blow.


I dedicate this publication to all the good citizens of Kumawu. God has heard their supplications and is answering them hence, compelling the bribe givers and bribe takers to come out publicly to confess their crime. In the eyes of the bribe giver, coming out with the issue would help her cause but God saw it differently. The law of the land also sees it differently, but in line with God’s.


Rockson Adofo