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Opinions of Friday, 9 November 2018

Columnist: Kojo Botsio

Thoughts of a 'resitter'; response to GIJ RECTOR

So I chanced on news of the new rector of Ghana Institute of Journalism telling us that "management has revoked decision on allowing students have a resit exam on a special date in an academic year"....Paraphrased.

Whereas it makes clear sense that the man wants to raise the academic standards, something every right thinking nipa should applaud, I think this approach is rather backward and selfish.

He appears to suggest that the only reason students fail exam is that they "think" there's a second chance for them. He also suggests that, "nowhere in the world has he seen anything like resit" another reason GIJ doesn't need resit.... Fair enough.

Mr. Rector, did you school in Ghana? Do you have friends who schooled in Ghana? I hope not, because, it appears you either lack knowledge of the challenges students face in their academic journey, or you are simply ignoring it.... Probably thinking all the fingers have been the same since the days of Adam.

Let me tell you my experience: As a HUSTLER who had dreams, I enrolled in the best technical university (Takoradi Technical University), despite the difficulty in gathering money for the forms, not to even mention paying my first fees. In my second year, I had to take up a job to be able to raise money for my fees, practical works and feeding. That semester, I failed three papers, and dropped from first class to SECOND LOWER. I know you'd say "boy no w'abon koraaa dodo".

Onimdifo, don't be amazed if I told you I KNEW THE RISK AND POSSIBLE CONSEQUENCES! But I took it knowing I have resit to augment the shortfall. In my judgment, it was better than to be thrown out of school or prevented from writing the exam in a rather inhumane and humiliating manner because I owed school fees and other financial obligations. Anaa readers, m'adi ns3m hunu?

Enough of my survivors series!

Oya, back to the matter! Mr. Rector, let me brag small, my beautiful wife who made a first class at the University of Ghana recently landed in the UK for her masters.... Herh, boss, the people don't joke o! Ei, bibiaa y3 online o: library, assignment, lecture slides, etc. Jack 3ny3 agor) o! But, erhm, given that one of your reasons for NO RESIT is that you haven't seen it anywhere else in the world, how soon are you doing the other things you've seen that your beloved ‘Osu University’ doesn't have?

Opanyin, wait o, nti are you saying s33 Ghana de3 we can't be first to implement something that works for us in our unique context and situation? Eiiiii papa wei paaa!!!

Last bi, when I was listening to journalist of the year, I heard butubutu was happening at KNUST, herh, Rector, the students scattered everywhere o. But I know that GIJ de3 it won't happen da! Ahhh, it will happen s3n? After we have been taught all the anatomy of communication! Especially that one under PR that they say TWO WAY COMMUNICATION is the way to go......... Erhm, excellence theory. I believe, you won't behave like KNUST (guy guy fo) no) but will employ the excellence theory.

But anyways, Mr. Rector. This management decision is not good!!! Not because I'm in support of students not studying hard, rather, because your arguments are weak. Canceling resit will not make GIJ Ghana Yale or Stanford.

If we are practicing what others are doing, then I'm sorry, WE ARE MILLION MILES AWAY! I believe in us carving our own solutions to our own problems, we don't always need to do CTRL+C and CTRL+V.

I finished Tpoly with Second Upper in the end, and graduated with my mates because I had the chance for a resit.

In my first sem at GIJ, my best grade was one "B"...... The subsequent sem, I made four "A"s.

Y'3ny3 de3 ehia nwie, ne3 3fata no b3ba.

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