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Opinions of Monday, 6 November 2017

Columnist: Ekow P. Djan

Mahama should remain a statesman

Former President John Dramani Mahama Former President John Dramani Mahama

Democracy is fast growing in our part of the world, Africa for that matter and Ghana is no exception. Experts in governance say democracy has reached a very high point when a particular country conducts smooth, peaceful and credible elections. A country that witnesses smooth transfer of power for three times is believed to be a more democratic country.

Ghana stands tall with regards to Democracy. The 2016 general election, which saw the defeat of an incumbent president and eventually saw a smooth transition as well fetched us international applause and respect. For the first time in our fourth republican country, a sitting president called John Dramani Mahama lost the election. His defeat came by surprise to many including himself, his party, many more people in the country including myself and even across the globe.

People are calling on the former first gentleman to come into the presidential race especially his party member including Members of Parliament. Some would even wish to drag him there by force.

Myself, I wish Mr Mahama becomes a president again but I will go for a "no" because I love him. The pressure coming from elsewhere, calling on him to contest again, I believe is too much. I have read some news online, saying the man has declared his intention, today in Cape Coast, to contest again. I don't trust the news I'm reading. I'm hoping to hear from the horse's own mouth.

I really love President Mahama and to me, he remains the one of the best presidents or even the best president in the fourth republic but I wouldn't love to see him engage himself in partisan politics anymore. He shouldn't think of the presidency for now but maybe in the near future when he thinks the grounds are fertile enough. I don't want my man to "dirty" himself.

Per his achievements in the country and even across the country and Africa, he's worth celebrating. He's a global icon, as such, he should be involved in global matters just like what he's doing now to ensure peaceful elections in other countries.

I respect and love him and I hope he will read and understand me.

God bless Ghana!