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Opinions of Monday, 13 October 2014

Columnist: Michael Eli Dokosi

This road kills, the N1 has killed, this road will kill again!

This road kills, this road has killed, this road will kill until it’s tamed.

This road has killed more than a hardened armed robber.

This road has killed more than an incensed mad man.

My elders I dare say this road has claimed more blood than a slaughter house.

Yes the N1 Highway also known as the George Walker Bush highway has claimed over 70 lives since it opened to the public in February 2012.

My elders, over 489 accidents have been recorded on the road.

Over 350 unfortunate ones have sustained severe injuries.

It’s true there are bridges at the Been To, Flat Top and at the Abofu portions but more is needed.

I have seen a man die in his sleep but to see a vehicle knock and snuff the life out of a human shakes the balls.

To see innocent young ones, elegant guys, fine babes and the elderly get gripped with fear when crossing the Las Palmas section of the road is a sorry sight made worse when the traffic lights go off.

Not to ignore the discomfort buyers and market women face when they have to use the Mallam market.

Promises made by the Roads and highways authorities several moons ago to add additional foot bridges have turned out to be empty after angry residents barricaded the road.

My elders I call on you to call on the powers that be to help tame this double named road with foot bridges as has been done on the Kaneshi Highway.

Lest I unconsciously wish for the children of some big men and women to fall on the road so we see the swift action that will be taken.

My elders this George walker bush/ N1 highway kills, has killed and will continue to kill till this road is tamed.