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Opinions of Sunday, 1 September 2013

Columnist: Andoh, Isaac Kyei

This opportunity shouldn’t pass us by

As 1957 is inscribed in our history books as the year of independence, so shall 2013 go down in the history of Ghana as ‘the year of litigation’.
2014 can as well go down in the history of this nation as the year of industrial revolution and prosperity.
Yes, 2013 has been extremely difficult, difficult that tax has been slapped on all mighty condom.
Banks have been stretched by radical withdrawals and equally radical decrease in deposits, investors are still waiting at their respective country’s airport.
They look at Ivory Coast, Tunisia, Mali, Liberia, Rwanda, Egypt and they only see Ghana as Africa.
So soon they have forgotten in 2008, we went through three rounds of elections and yet no gun was shot. Let us show them we are not only Africa but Ghana.
Together we can make 2014 the year of industrial revolution.
2013 is a test-case for our maturity as a Democratic nation. It is in our interest and that of our children and their children’s future that we pass this test with distinction.
We can make 2013 the base on which the new prosperous Ghana will be built. Let’s do it.
Investors, tourists, government are waiting, all we have to do is to prove to them that politically we might be different, but together we become Ghana.
Every shrewd investor would want to do business in the most peaceful and stable country on the Africa continent
This is the tomorrow 2013 presents to us, the opposite of this would be unimaginable. However, my believe in the Ghanaian people means I am not dwell much the negatives.
Irrespective of the angle you look at it, 2013 would have an impact in the life of Ghanaians like no other in the past decade.
Let make it a fairy tale story and not a horror movie.
In 1957, the crowning moment was 6th March, in 2013, it is 29the August. In 1957, it was your parent, grandparent or great grandparent, in 2013, it is you. What are you giving to your children and grandchildren?
Investor are waiting, don’t be the reason why they turn their back on Ghana. We all have a role to play, a prize awaits us all.
For some people, it would break their hearts, for others, it would make their joy complete but only mother Ghana can have the perfect victory.
It doesn’t matter who wins, mother Ghana will win so long as we don’t bite ourselves.

Let make Ghana the first option for investors and tourists on the African continent.

This is what we can collectively do for Ghana.

I’m told over 30000 policemen have been deployed to ensure that there is law and order, let make them mere spectators.

They’re out there to ensure that we are all safe, let make their work easy.
As Atuguba prepares to announce the verdict, I can only hear one thing, “and the winner of the 2012 elections is….Ghana.


Isaac Kyei Andoh