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Opinions of Thursday, 15 November 2012

Columnist: Nuhu, Albert

This is it -- John, your choice for President.


This is your call and it's time to respond. History has come full circle and we have no time to sit on the side lines. The call to just provide a descent road to our capital in Damongo has always fallen on deaf ears. The President's mother at Bunsunu cannot afford to travel pot-hole free from Bunsunu for a medical check up in Tamale. That has to change, and this is the time. John has brought in the Brazilians for shea nuts/butter, but we need roads to get the shea nuts to the Brazilians and other buyers. John has fought hard for SADA, but the Volta River cutting off Daboya from civilization needs to be bridged now.

John has brought honor to Gonjalanders and we are perfectly right to be honored but, let's realize that John is just completing Mills' term of office. John can only push for and achieve these two isssues I have mentioned above (The Road from Fulfulso through Bunsunu to Damongo and Nyange to Sawla, and the bridging of the Volta River to Daboya), and more if John gets his own eight years of rule.

Yes, we will get a listening ear and an interested President who will and can push for even better and needed government assistance for all other economic and development issues in Gonjaland. Because, John understands what is needed, what should be done in Gonjaland and what should be done nationally to promote development for all Ghanaians.

I am therefore calling on all Gonjalanders in their numbers to support John, campaign for him where ever you are in Ghana, encourage others to campaign and vote for him and assist to propel John to victory. Yes, I know we have very good Gonjalanders in other political parties. However, there is a proverb in Gonja that says: "Eyes do not catch birds". In school, in primary school, the late Teacher Iddi taught me that " a bird in hand is worth 1000s in the bush". John is our "bird in hand", and you can be assured of John's Presidency with your vote.

This is my message to Gonjalanders.