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Opinions of Thursday, 10 May 2018

Columnist: Desmond Twumasi Ntow

This cheating must stop

Ghana is becoming more unsafe for our brothers and sisters who are in the Diaspora and want to acquire a house in Ghana through some of these so-called home loans company.

A friend who stays in Germany and wanted to buy a house with one of this home loan company was asked to pay a facilitation fee of $500 which he did and even to an extent that he has to pay for the translation of his documents from German to English which he paid aside the $500 and after some months they came back to inform him that they can not help him get the house.

My question is if you can not help him to get the house why can't you refund the money that is his $500 which he paid but rather says it's a facilitation fee of which nothing was done.

Again how many people have fallen victim to this facilitation fees of $500 or more and have not been refunded.

It is about time we deal very well with some of these home loans company because they are deceiving most of our brothers and sisters outside.

Ghana Home Loans you better sit up or else we will demonstrate against your deceitful acts.