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Opinions of Thursday, 24 June 2004

Columnist: Antwi, Isaac B.

This Is Not The NPP We Fought For Part III (Rejoinder)]

Am student currently doing my project training with Tata consultancy services in india. I was stunned and very pensive when i read an article from by a notorious character called Ashiley.

A times i find this kind of articles very funny and interesting to read. Ask why? The writer sited so called wrong doing about Kufuor's governments which includes some mininsters of states for corrupt practicises and other fabricated stories.

The writer should know that in Ghana, nobody is above the law not even the sitting president. You talk of ya na's masterminded murder by NPP gurus, have you forgotten so soon about the 'kumi preko' murder? The unknown identity's of the high court judges and the rtd army offiocer?the secrete bank account of Mr & Mrs. rawlings in switzerland?the salasi jantu's brutalities and the shaving with broken bottles in the castle? The ship bomb of kwaku baako's crusading guide offioce? The airport hotel saga? The fake labanese investors supporting NDC's campagnes? The order by formal president Rawlings to turn a taxi for crossing his path? The innocent ghanaians suffers in the hands of wicked rawlings regime? etc, etc, etc.....come on! grow Up, Ghanaians are wise and are no more waiting for you

And your groups who dont have nothing better to offer the nation but rather used fake article to plead your masters. I can swore my last pesewa that, coming this December elections NPP will win hands down.

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