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Opinions of Thursday, 23 June 2011

Columnist: The Informer

This Homosexuality Nonsense Must Stop

We (The Informer.) have followed with enough curiosity, the on-going debates in the media, churches and even the popular ‘blue kiosks’ where men, and of course, women gather after hard-day’s work, whether or not homosexuality should be allowed in Ghana: And we think the records must be set right.

The practice of homosexuality is completely extraterrestrial to our culture, and therefore, must not be allowed to continue. For this alone, let the human rights groups spare us the agony of future regret.

Of course, we respect the rights of right of association, but the issue of homosexuality will not receive the backing of this newspaper. And like many likeminded Ghanaians have indicated, the practice is odd, amoral, animalistic and a threat to the nations’ human resource base.

In fact, given the chance, The Informer will be the first to lead a crusade against the practice, since it sins against the growth and promotion of our rich and revered culture.

We will do everything possible to protect the nation’s deep cultural heritage to guide next generations to natural wisdom endowed us by the omniscient, which our ancestors have bequeathed us.

We’ll, therefore, disagree with the views of those advocating in favour and are calling for the practice to be legalized. One will think this paper is being too harsh, dealing with the issue, but there is no word perfect to condemn the practice than describing it mildly as nonsensical. Indeed, it is absolutely hogwash to hear people of high repute including former Members of Parliament, throwing their weight behind this devil incarnates, who are hell-bent of destroying this nation, in the name of human rights. Hitherto, human rights advocates are held high in society, because they are often believed to have pedigrees. Today, instead of our exalted compatriots of intellect and intelligence accentuating discussions on the repugnant issue of whether homosexualism should be legalized in Ghana in its proper context, they are rather the frontrunners in turning the issue into dirty politics, and packaging it as if it is President John Evans Atta Mills’s invention.

When did this practice become accepted as part of our culture that today people of the same sex have decided to engage themselves in marriage?

Is it not a shame that those expected to lead the crusade against this strange culture that is gradually gaining grounds in Ghana are those rather advocating for a parliamentary bill to be passed for it legalization.

We have listened to some argue in favour to the extent of advising these lesbians and gays to resort to legal mêlée or tussle with government anytime attempt is made to prevent them from carrying on with their practice and we have no option than to describe their stance as complete madness.

To be honest, no right thinking person will support a thing like this, when it is a huge threat to the moral society and that is why we strongly hold the view that those supporting the practice and even offering to be of legal assistance to those involved in the act, should be asked to seek medical interventions. We have heard people especially the academics arguing in favour of some strange cultures that have emerged recently in this country and we think such attitudes must stop.

It is a public secret of how the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) and their allied institutions in recent times have decided to support some crazy group and their way of doing things against the ruling NDC government in their quest to recapturing power, but that will not materialize.

We shall support President John Evans Atta Mills and his NDC government to deal with people who are hell-bent of destroying the good image of this country and we do not care whoever may be affected.

Homosexuality is completely nonsense and that is why we hold the view that those intellectuals endorsing the practice are mad and are disgrace to the academia, period!