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Opinions of Thursday, 19 July 2018

Columnist: Nana Ofori Kissi Ratina

Things we do to maintain power

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The journey to Victory 2016 wasn't an easy one. It took a collective effort, dedication and high level of commitment to toil to attain our present designation.

While climbing the geosynclines and descending through the synclines to the most hinterlands to sell the good news of NPP to the electorates, some lost their families, friends, resources, jobs, religion and even their lives.

May the souls of the deceased patriots Rest In Peace.

There is one unfortunate statement I always frown upon hearing. It goes like "it is difficult to maintain power than to win power". Who said so?

Even in opposition without resources, without opportunities and without anything to entice active campaigners, we were able to get thousands to go out on their own volition to campaign for the party so why should it be difficult to maintain the power we won with nothing but today that we control resources and opportunities, should that still be a problem??

Honourable Members of Parliament

Honourable Ministers and deputies

Honourable government appointees

Dear party executives

Mr/Mrs Contract beneficiary,

How is your relationship to the many faces you toiled with in 2016?

Do you relate to them as you used to do while in opposition?

Do you share the limited opportunities based on the person's contributions to the party?

The masses mount up pressure when no one in their midst has been considered for any opportunity.

The moment one is pushed somewhere, they get the hope that their days will definitely come.

Let me commend Mr. Kofi Baafi - CEO of Ghana Freezones Authority and Chairman Emmanuel Effah - CEO of LifeMate Furniture and Sir John for their love for the party faithfuls. The offices of these men are busier than NPP Headquarters.

Sammi Awuku has also done well for sorting some known boys boys and the Plantain Chips majority who constituted Loyal Ladies and other youth groups of the party (at least, we are relieved of the Brazilian hair burden)

*Moving Forward*

The general assessment of the President Akufo-Addo led NPP government is far better than what we witnessed under John Mahama. Promises made, Promises delivered.

However, the widening of the gap between those in government and those who toiled for the party at the grassroots will not augur well for the party.

Let's act quickly!

Don't give the limited opportunities to your close allies alone while you know very well they were nowhere in the heat of the campaign.

One thing I've observed at the grassroots level is the fact that when a diehard party faithful is given the opportunity, it entices many others to put up their best for the party because they come to conceive the notion that if they commit themselves to the cause of the party, they will also be rewarded.

*Let Victory 2020 be your priority*

*Nana Ofori Kissi Ratina*

*Atiwa Writer*