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Opinions of Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Columnist: Agyemang, Frank

Things Politicians will not tell us the youths

Our politicians, as usual, have begun to set the tone for the 2012 general elections depending on where they find themselves, which is either in government or in opposition. They would adopt all forms of strategies, be it morally right or wrong, fair or foul to garner support. So far as they get the support, they do not really bother about the repercussions of their words, actions or inactions.

One thing they seem to always forget is that, in our part of this world, every human being could certainly get support in whatever he or she does or say no matter how unthinkable he or she could be so far as it is done on a political platform. As to whether those supports would transform into votes, that is another case.
Basically, politicians thrive on the ignorance of the people and wish the electorates do not get enlightened and understand some basic facts of life. It is in the midst of these vulnerabilities that most politicians derive their strength and courage. Politicians will not tell us that in case of any chaos in the country, members of their immediate families have easy access to acquiring visas whiles some already have hence could easily be flown out of the country at any point in time. Whoever told you that under such circumstance they care about us and our families must be a joker. They would rather urge us on for their parochial interests and once they succeed, we are relegated to the background.
Politicians will not tell you that behind closed doors and after massive campaigns they relate well with their counterparts and sometimes secretly strike business deals among themselves. Most of the times, after hot debates in the studios these people make fun of each other and even hug whiles audience are left charged and angry at each other for remarks made by their political opponents. It is only on a few occasions that these political guests rather end studios debates fighting each other.
Politicians would prefer we remain ignorant of the fact that Ghana’s fuel prices is dependent on prevalent situations on the international market hence changes in the prices on the market would definitely affect us no matter the level of subsidies. No wonder they would continue to do politics with the fuel prices. They pretend they are not aware that once fuel prices go up prices of all other commodities would certainly increase.
Politicians will not tell you to upgrade yourself for the limited job market since the available opportunities are but for the few prepared ones. They create the impression that they are ‘Job creators’, only for us to realize that the immediate jobs they create are for their close relatives and cronies. They make even youths without any form of certificates believe that once their party is in government, it is automatic for them to get jobs instead of urging those same youths to upgrade themselves or acquire some form of skills for the job market. They know that once the youths get that enlightenment and realize that they can create their own wealth, they will not have time to fight each other over petty political squabbles.
Perhaps, the appropriate description of our politicians could be summed up by what the Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II said during a thanksgiving service in Kumasi to mark his 60th birthday.
“Political leadership is fighting because of power. They go there and it is the money and nothing else. If we are going to look at the development of the country and if we that we want to be servants of the country why should we fight”? asked the Asantehene.

Gradually the wind of enlightenment is blowing and it started in a different way from the Middle East attacking specific challenges. I do believe a different wind of enlightenment would blow very soon and expose all greedy and selfish politicians who are bent on playing on the vulnerabilities of the youths. The seizure of toilets and other amenities is just a minute display of the situation because I foresee my fellow youths chasing these deceitful politicians to their offices and homes. When the bigger wind blows, unscrupulous politicians would run for cover. It is coming!

Frank Agyemang