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Opinions of Wednesday, 19 April 2006

Columnist: Kwamena, Ato

There Goes Your Asomdwiehene!

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His followers and other fellow cult members have given him a name reserved for only the Lord God: Asomdwiehene (King of Peace), and so now, he has become arrogant and know-it-all. He probably even thinks he's God, and so he comes out every now and then to issue his judgments and pronounces sentences on the people. He comes out and weighs the actions of our duly elected government and pronounces judgment on the country. Threatening chaos, if they (his political group ? the NDC) do not have their own way! If the government does not quit employing the Due Process of the Law to prosecute certain citizens who have been deemed to have infringed the law, our law professor, the NDC?s Asomdwiehene, is telling us that no one should blame them (the NDC) if they plunge the country to war. For the NPP government?s intention to put their (the NDC?s) own laws and doctrines into implementation ? the doctrine of PROBITY and ACCOUNTABILITY, and that of CAUSING FINANCIAL LOSS TO THE STATE ? the former law professor is ready to hit the jungle, pick up arms and start shooting our grandmothers and ?fathers, our mothers and fathers. Why? Because the duly-elected Constitutional government of the Republic of Ghana, has no authority to hold any member of his party, the NDC, accountable for their actions. That's Asomdwiehene, NDC Style for you, folks!

Atta Mills is a disgrace to himself, his family, his friends, and all his peers who hold a law degree or hold any doctorate degree. He shamelessly and disgracefully reminded the whole country that he is a professional lawyer, in his recent press release, and then went on to protest against the application of the Rule of Law to prosecute certain individuals. Why the protest? Because in the mind of the self-proclaimed ?humble? man that he is, he strongly believes that he and his cronies are beyond reproach; that they are above the laws that they themselves made! Atta-Mills believes that his Godfather?s doctrine of Probity and Accountability was supposed to apply to everyone else in the country, but themselves! That anyone who tries to apply this doctrine of Probity and Accountability, for which his Godfather was so quick to spill even innocent blood for, is basically giving Atta-Mills and his Godfather the green-light to pick up arms again, and murder all their perceived enemies and send noble citizens of our land into exile ? only to be returned to their land of birth in their caskets.

Again our not-so-noble law professor is telling us that when he and his NDC government promulgated the law of Causing Financial Lose to the State, it was not meant to be applied to any NDC member. It?s obvious from his press statement that that law was supposed to be used only against their political opponents. Hence, now that the law is being applied, in full-force, it beats the imagination of our ?intelligent? professor! He just can?t understand it. It makes no sense, whatsoever to Fiifi Mills that he and his cronies should be held Accountable for their actions.

So the government?s decision to prosecute the wife of his Godfather, and other NDC cult members, is a preamble for him and his fellow cultists to begin efforts to destabilize the country. In his mind, Konadu-Agyeman Rawlings, as wife of his Godfather, should not be subject to any judicial proceeding in Ghana. In effect, she is above our law! So what at all does Fiifi want? Since he?s made it crystal-clear to all, that he is against the Rule of Law, what does he want now? Or what did he want the Kufuor Administration to do when the Administration thought they had a case against these people? Take Kwame Peprah and Konadu-Agyeman to the Teshie-Nungua Shooting Range? Does he want a repeat of what his own Godfather did to other full-blooded citizens of this country in our not-so-distant past: when he shot innocent men and women after being tried in a kangaroo court for dubious offences? Or does he want a repeat of the awful evening when Konadu-Agyeman Rawlings, his Godfather?s wife ? personally supervised the abduction and murder of an army officer and three Judges including one who was nursing (breastfeeding) an infant ? when Konadu-Agyeman Rawlings gave the perpetrators her own personal car to carry out this evil deed? (Ironically, today Konadu-Agyeman Rawlings claims to be the champion of women?s empowerment in Ghana. Amazing, indeed!). What does Atta-Mills take us for? Fools? On one hand, he preaches Probity, Accountability, Integrity, etc. (he has all the right sound-bites). On the other hand he tells us that those good accolades should not apply to him and his loved ones. Very interesting!

Animal Farm! That?s what it is. And that?s what Atta-Mills wants! Go and read George Orwell?s universally acclaimed book, Animal Farm, and you?ll understand the dynamics of the thought-process of Atta-Mills, his Godfather, and the other NDC cultists. Their modus operandi is clear to all discerning Ghanaians. Divide-and-Rule is what they call it. So they divide the country into two: ?We? and ?Them?. Probity and Accountability were ideals meant for ?Them?. Constitutional immunity from prosecution was meant for ?We?. The law of causing financial loss to the State was meant for ?Them?. That?s exactly how the Godfather and his NDC worshippers think. But this Kokofu-ballbor will not be allowed to gain a foothold in our Ghana. Period! The same Law Courts that Atta-Mills is accusing today, and which his own Godfather chronically insults, is the same court that found Sherry Ayittey, and Emmanuel Agbodo not guilty in the GREL Divestiture case. It?s the same court that found others from his NDC fraternity: not guilty. Today, Atta-Mills is telling us that this court is under the manipulation of the Executive ? that the President and his party are using the Judiciary for political purposes. But you know what, Uncle Atta? I?ve got good news for you! Go and thank your God (if you have any) that your ?friends? are still alive today! Thank God that none of them was taken to court without any representation by a competent counsel or lawyer. Thank God that they are still alive, that under this President the Rule of Law and Due Process truly operates. Under your government?s regime, others weren?t so lucky, you know.

Our law professor wants to tell us that our duly-elected government lacks the sense of decency in prosecuting ?Mr. Kofi Totobi-Quakyi ? a young man who used the better part of his life to serve his country and is currently very sick and fighting for his life in a London Hospital?, he says. But Mr. professor of law, the last time we checked we did not see anywhere in our law books that said that if one is sick, then they cannot be prosecuted in a court of law. ?What readest thou the law?, Mills? Some of these so-called lawyers make nonsense of their law profession by their line of reasoning. It makes you wonder whether they are truly lawyers, or whether they indeed try to make nonsensical arguments for political purposes, when they truly know deep down in their hearts that what they are saying is absolute rubbish! If Victor Serlomey, in spite of all his sickness with his cardiac pacemaker and all, did not deem it wrong to dip his filthy hands into OUR coffers and steal OUR money for the benefit of himself and his children, why should I have pitied his sorry state of health? Goodness! The man did not pity himself! I tell you what?he was lucky to have been pardoned by our President and to have spent the last days of his life outside prison. And for this, Fiifi and his NDC should be grateful for the generosity of our President. For the NDC party to have blamed the President for the death of Serlomey, as they did during his funeral, speaks of the sort of character that the men and women who belong to this cult called NDC have. When Victor Serlomey was smoking himself to death ? digging his own grave with his mouth ? against medical advice, what did they do, to help him quit his chain-smoking habit? Serlomey?s poor health, just before his death, was due to his own smoking habit and his over the chart obesity. His chain-smoking and obesity made him predisposed to the development of atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease (CAD), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cardiac arrhythmias, and congestive heart failure, amongst a plethora of other diseases.

In the same line, if Totobi-Quakyi who ironically was recently shown on TV during the NDC?s ROPAB demonstrations, smiling whilst sweating it out with his other pot-bellied friends is today ?very sick and fighting for his life in a LONDON Hospital?, as reported by your own venerable chief London correspondent, Fiifi Atta-Mills (a bona fide member of the Men of Integrity Club), what can we say? Are supposed to pity Totobi-Quakyi for checking himself not in our Korle Bu or Komfo Anokye Hospitals but ?in a LONDON Hospital?? Until, proven guilty in a court of law, I wouldn?t make prejudicial pronouncements on Totobi-Quakyi, and accuse him of being guilty for financial malfeasance. That?s where our courts come in. But for Christ?s sake, we all lived under the (P)NDC regime, when even toothaches were enough to send the Men of Integrity flying to ?a London Hospital?. So quit that game, Prof.! Enough of your propaganda of lies. Thank God, the law of our land is an Equal Opportunity Law: regardless of your state of health, the law applies. It doesn?t discriminate. If not, wonder how many folks will claim to be ?very sick and fighting for? their lives ? not only in London, but at Korle Bu ? just to escape the law?s arms. So Uncle Atta, for your efforts in trying to win public sympathy for Totobi-Quakyi I say, ayekoo! That was a good try. Sorry it didn?t work. We have no sympathy for Totobi-Quakyi. He must face the due process of the law. If convicted, as determined by our eminent judges, so be it! Grown-ups must own up to their own actions. Period!

I won?t comment on how almost every single one of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah?s factories and companies from GIHOC Group of Industries, to the Black Starline? State-owned factories started by Dr Nkrumah ? were liquidated by Jerry Rawlings under a cloud of darkness. I refuse to comment on the shroud of secrecy under which Jerry Rawlings and his NDC sold Ghana?s shares in the then Ashanti Goldfields Corporation (AGC), reducing us from majority shareholders at 45% to a minority shareholder at (17%). What the money generated from that sale was used for only Rawlings, Kwesi Botchwey, the other NDC kingpins and their offshore bank managers would know! But isn?t it amazing how the wife of a Flight Lieutenant in the Ghana Armed Forces came to own Kwame Nkrumah?s Nsawam Cannery? You preached that the State had no business doing business. We said yoo y?ate! Then you sold our factory to an investor which turned out to be your own wife! The wife who shares the same bedroom with you was our investor. So you loaned her our money at a negligible rate of interest, then used the loaned money to effect payment for the Nsawam Cannery. Smart dude ? robbing Peter to pay Paul! And you don?t see that as unethical, a conflict of interest, and a sign of your corruptness. Amazing! And of course, like the other NDC buddies such as the Ahwoi brothers, who took State-guaranteed loans to buy State-owned enterprises or to start businesses, Konadu-Agyeman Rawlings has refused to pay back the loan principal and any interest that has accrued. In effect, Rawlings handed Kwame Nkrumah?s Nsawam Cannery to his wife, Konadu-Agyeman Rawlings, because in the Godfather?s thought-process, Ghanaians are too stupid to protest against such corruption, conflict-of-interest, and nepotism. Yet Konadu-Agyeman Rawlings is also full of ?integrity?. And that?s the Woman of Integrity for you! Integrity ala her husband, Rawlings.

Whatever blood-pact Atta-Mills has made with his Godfather, he needs to be helped to exorcise himself from it. For it has done him no good, and will do him no good at all! Prayers, fastings, whatever will be welcomed. How a whole former law professor would issue such an infantile statement beats my imagination. Today he is threatening us, in the tone of his Godfather to hit the jungle and start a rebel war. Yet Fiifi Mills wants to be President of our Republic. Mr. Asomdwiehene preaches war just as Mr. Integrity is a hypocrite. Only your NDC-oo, Fiifi!!

So folks, ?There Goes Your Asomdwiehene!?

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