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Opinions of Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Columnist: Boasiako, Antwi Peter

NDC -Bogus and fraudulent from birth.

Conduct and character traits are traceable to a person's genetic composition. This is principally determined by internal factors, but can also be influenced by some external factors; but in dealing with the NDC's notoriety in regard to its congenital bogus and fraudulent nature from birth, it is something to do with the collective genetic composition of its genitors. Their upbringing, conduct, character and mental disposition have all manifested in the collective conduct of the party as a political family. By reason of brevity and convenience, only a few of them will be discussed here.

The origin of the NDC, its sudden transformation from a totalitarian dictatorship under John Rawlings' PNDC to a political Party, bears all the traces of a family imbued with sadism, pravity and cruelty.
John Rawlings came from nowhere as a military dictator onto the seat of governance with some initial credulity, though not without some taints of doubts soon to emerge from his hunger for power with extreme vindictive bearing.

It was during the PNDC era that saw Ghana in its worst prolonged military administration, the progenitors of a government that murdered three of Ghana's former Heads of State, plus five other high ranking military officers, in cold blood, all under the pretext of expunging corruption, and all other social evil from Ghanaian soil. Whatever is bogus is deceptive, it is as fraudulent as it is pretentious.

Now, after the abovementioned massacre, of which one of the victims was accused to have taken a repayable bank loan of 5000 Cedis, whole national assets were divested, and sold to friends and cronies, including John Rawlings's wife. Such is the level and extent of bogus emergence of John Rawlings, who founded the NDC.

Tsatsu Tsikata, the Awhoi brothers, Totobi Kwakye etc, walked about discalced; the best footwear they portrayed to be able to afford was locally made garden sandals. These truly honestly appeared destitute, though erudite, and by self - resignation volunteered to be ascetic monks of "The Grand Order Of Scientific Socialism"
Today, upon having access to political power and unearned money, they are the champions of "Oligarch Capitalism" What a fraudulent deception.

John Mills appeared to be the most sanctimonious and orant vice president Ghana has ever had. Upon being President, pedetentious as he was, he harboured in himself the most venomous vindictive spleen ever imaginable. He couldn't be trusted.

John Mahamah is nothing to write home about. Those of us who knew him earlier can aver to the fact that he has the instincts to kleptomania.

The NDC has mangled Ghana's socio-economic wheels of fortune. It will take a man of vision and great foresight, a grand lapidarin to straighten the badly damaged wheels. Ghanaians have gone through and endured the worse of the worst under NDC administration.
The entire membership of the party, comprising the grassroot and officers, all of them have questionable character traits.
A single week never passes without attracting Ghana media attention, about some hatched mischief, planned and executed by this ruling NDC.

It has always been about corruption, thievery, malverdation or defalcation. Ooho, NDC!!! Accursed be the day you were born onto the soil of Ghana.

In summing it all up, no one can be faulted for making a proposition that NDC is a bogus and fraudulent political family from birth.