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Opinions of Sunday, 15 July 2018

Columnist: Musah Abdul Razak Churchill

The who you know theory in Ghana

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Last year by this time, I had completed SHS and was looking for a job to do. My intention was to work and save a little to further my education. I wrote several applications to many schools and applied for many jobs but to no avail. To aid me from my frustration, a family member then told me to apply for the youth employment Agency YEA.

I agreed but discussed it with two friends of mine. Interestingly, one asked whether I had somebody to lead ME and the other asked whether I had the governing party membership card. Then I asked why? Their responses weren't different from what I've seen and been hearing. But my answer to them was a smile.

However, my relative, assured me of getting a job at the place in question because he knew somebody.

In few days, my relative told me all was set and that he had called the man who would facilitate things in my favor. He gave me his number as well to call when I get to their office.

The next day, I went to Goaso ,the district capital for Asunafo North in the Brong Ahafo region to submit my form. Unfortunately, when I called the man who was to help, he told me he had travelled. I wish you were there to see how discourage I was.

But fortunately, he asked me to let him speak with any of the officers after submitting the form.

Courageously, I entered the office and submitted my form to one of the officers in charge.

The officer collected my form and added it to many forms that were collected.

I then told him that somebody wanted to speak with him on phone. He never hesitated as took my phone and their conversation continued.

To my amazement, after speaking with the man on phone, my form was put aside from the masses. surprisingly, as I stretched my neck, the forms were categorized into two. The officer then wrote the man’s name attached to my form and asked me to go and get prepared. I was shocked. No interview, no application review process or anything but straight forward to appointment.

While on my way home,I asked ; so what if I had not talked to the said helper?

Quickly I recollected how a lady friend of mine applied for nursing training college last two years and didn’t go for an interview but was picked. On countless occasions I've heard that "now it's who you know".

This is what is happening in Ghana now. *The who you know theory in Ghana is bedeviling the nation*. Meaning those that know somebody will eat, get employed, recruited rather than those who qualify, have the expertise or the cup fits wearing it. It's of these reason that's why individuals employed especially at the public sector have become a square peg in a round hole. Their output doesn't match with what they take as salaries and allowances.

Let's wake up as a nation.



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