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Opinions of Thursday, 15 October 2015

Columnist: Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh

‘The system is down’

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‘The system is down,’ said the young man in suit and tie to me, as I anxiously approached the ECG power unit sale point. That instant, I thought the most appropriate response to the young man would be to retort with a question as to whether anything at all, system and non-system, in the motherland, was then, and now not down.

Of course, the exception will be presidential seed sowing all over the place and locating money laundering points in islands and deserts across the globe, to maintain the products of the seed sown. Spraying requires what is to be sprayed and so the sprayer goes hunting, state resources to support spraying.

Congress has conspired to torment my compatriots and I under the watch, better me hw?me baabi (aloof or nonchalance) attitude, of congress. Otherwise how? How come the day ECG chooses to give light my prepaid units run out and there is nowhere to buy top-up because all the top-up systems are not functioning? That is punishment for us compatriots.

I read a thief, the thief or the thief who is a thief of public funds, say it loud and clear that the ‘NPP does not know what is wrong with the voters’ register.’

He needs a hearing aid or is choosing to not hear what all of us compatriots against vote rigging are saying. The NPP, LetMyVoteCount or whoever else compatriot are all saying we don’t know why congress cannot, and will not, tell everyone what they have hidden in the current register. As a result, we want a new one.

If the EC does also not know what congress has hidden in the register, it should compile a new one in the name of election contest fairness.

Alternatively, if the EC by its antics at the Election Petition Hearing of 2013 knows what it has conspired with congress to hide in the register, it should give us a new one. Concerned compatriots will not sit down and watch an election stolen even before a single ballot paper is cast.

Free election is about voting. Fair election is about counting. We, compatriots against congress election cheating, believe there was some acceptable level of freeness in the 2012 voting. Per the Election Petition 2013 proceedings, however, we have every reason to state categorically that there was no fairness at all in the counting.

One of the main causes of the unfairness in the counting, as Uncle Sege would have regretted his wrong intervention on behalf of some STL at the time, the STL forged and manipulated the results. So EC, as you compile a new register, we also expect finding a surreptitious way, as you used in extending their contract, to send all STL elements out of your offices. If you don’t, those of us with libation powers will pour to save the motherland from your further election cheating.

Meanwhile, some compatriots are cheerleading, others are cheer following, yet others are cheering. It’s all about alleged bribery of some errant men and a woman of adjudication. For me, I want to see one, just one, compatriot show me the public interest served when the biggest public officer thief procures, with stolen public money, the exposure, through subterfuge, of a small public officer thief. Those who want to rid the motherland of corruption must tackle it from the source and stop the tinkering. Down with cheerleading without a balancing referee for rights with responsibility!

Congress has run the omnibus motherland system aground and so all the subsystems: economy, education, politics, justice are down. Nothing is working right. From lower middle income status it has reversed back to HIPC. Seven wasted years after eight solidly productive years. It’s back to 2001 HIPC from 2008 lower middle income. Any anti-corruption act that overlooks this truth is likely to hardly achieve much. If judges are corrupt, most probably it is because the judicial system has been run down and corrupted.

I still haven’t found the data to confirm my fears of a relationship between the appointer of a judge and the corruptibility of the appointed judge. I suspect congress appointees who dominate the system would be more likely to be corrupt than ?sono appointees who are obviously fewer in number. Even if that were not so, the massively corrupting influences and superintending would most likely affect gravitation of some judges towards that negative behaviour.

I want to assume cheerers and jeerers moved by video to behave in that manner know that judges don’t exist somewhere else outside the corrupt system a congress executive controls and manipulates with almost excessive powers. As we fight what we see as judicial corruption, let us realise it will be a futile fight if we don’t tackle it from the executive corruption beginning.