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Opinions of Sunday, 24 June 2018

Columnist: Musah Abdul Razak Churchill

The 'smart' technique in education

The writer provides ways through which students can improve on their studies and knowledge The writer provides ways through which students can improve on their studies and knowledge

Education as A.N Whitehead said is the purgation of the crudities of the mind.In other words,it is the cleansing of the impurities of the mind.

It is the desire of all students to complete their institutions with flying colors.

But did you know that for a student to complete with flying colors,there is a principle?

I call it the smartlife for education.Do you know what that means?Let's now delve deeply into what I am trying to say.

The S stands for simple.Students must learn to KISS their sentences(keep it short and simple).For a student to complete their education successfully, simplicity should be a key factor.What I mean is,any student who wants to complete with flying colors should avoid circumlocution and be simple.Simplicity pays!

The M stands for motivation.The student is supposed to motivate themselves.There is a saying that,"if there is no enemy within,then there will no be enemy outside".The performance of the student may be abysmal,but they need to motivate themselves.

The A also stands for action.Actions they say speak louder than words.The student shouldn't sit and be wishing.For a dream without actions is just a wish.They need to take actions.

The R also stands for reading.Book they say is knowledge.For the student to complete successfully,they need to read and read and read.Did you know there is something common successful people have?That is reading.Bill Gates reads a book every week,not forgetting Warren Buffet,Jack Ma just to mention a few.

The T also stands for teaching.Learning is not all about memorizing what is in the book.Most a time,we are able to learn better and faster when we teach others or share ideas.

To complete education with flying colors,one must be SMART.