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Opinions of Monday, 25 March 2013

Columnist: Akuley, Anane Ebenezer

The rot at Ho polytechnic

Life is a learning process. Human beings are born to learn and build on whatever experience gained to grow up and develop. We are different from animals who act by instinct and this is systematic and will occur when the time is due. But human as we are, we must learn everything that we do on this earth. The fact is that we all came to this world with one thing in common. That is the initial cry “Nee, nee”. Apart this common initial cry, all that anyone does is learnt. That is why I like the adage by our people that the one who cuts a path cannot tell how crooked the path is, unless he is told by those behind him. It is against this back drop that I will always accept mistakes pointed out to me in good faith and learn the best practices to move forward. Once again, I will like to thank those who pointed out the grammatical errors again in the last article. Keep it up.
To begin with, I want to state here that I do not intend to use this medium to run down anybody. I only want to ensure one thing. That is people who are engaged to serve and solve our problems for which they are paid for cannot be collecting our monies as salaries, wages, rent allowances, perdiems etc and go to sleep, leaving the very situation they are contracted to solve to get worse for you and I to bear the repercussions of their inactions. We all know that the situations we have in our hands today like gas shortage, erratic water and electricity supply, and other needs of us that are in short supply are as a result of somebody not doing his or her job as expected but collecting his or her benefits that accrue to him or her from that service. Must we allow this to go on perpetually? No. The Krobos have an adage which state that the way you lay your head determines the kind of hair cut a barber gives you. We have kept quiet too long on seemingly wrongs in our society and the result is what we are all getting today. We must begin to talk and expose the wrongs in our society to save our future. That is my motivation.
Ho Poly as I have stated in my earlier articles has been left to rot by the current leadership that man the school. To start with, if you go to the school now, several chairs and tables that are used by students to write their examinations are left at of the mercy of the weather to rot and at the same time they take hard earned money of government to hire tables and chairs from WAEC for the students to write their examinations on. What a shame? Is that the usual Ghanaian lack of culture of maintenance? This must stop. Because the process of awarding contract for the provisions these facilities are the very source through which government funds are siphoned through the inflation of the prices to benefit them, people find it prudent to allow state properties to go waste so that they can go through the process of acquiring them all over again to get their share of the so called ten percent booty there are in contract sums. Now, if these materials are provided and we allow them to go waste in such a circumstance so that we can award a new contract for our ten percent, can we see any progress under this sort of thinking? What have we done wrong?
In addition to the chairs that have been left to rot, a Toyota Coaster bus with the registration number GV 837 S donated by GETFUND has been left under the sun to rot. This bus had a minor problem which can be repaired. But the usual Ghanaian culture, it is for government and not for my father, anything that happens to It, I do not care is having a great toll on this bus. Do you know something? You would not know if I do not tell you. What amazes me most is the fact that their actions have clearly demonstrated the fact that they are aware that the bus which is left under the sun can rot. Why do I say so? I am of this view due to the fact that for their own personal vehicles, they have used government money to erect tents and pack theirs under them when they come to work for the four to five hours that they stay on the campus. Is this not a show of clear signs of incompetency and negligent of duty and responsibility? I can tell you that all the GV vehicles are packed under the sun. I think by now the school should have a proper place safe enough for safe keeping of their equipment to prolong the life span of these equipment so dear to the continues operation of the school to carry out its mandate to the state.
I had promised more revelations in the school in this article but I have now decided to hold my peace and watch their response and action. If they take positive steps to resolve the numerous human problems they have created in the school, I will spare them the agony of letting out the biggest cat in the bag. I want to once again state that I do not have an axe to grind with anybody in the school. I only want the best for our region. I wrote an article on how several cedis were collected from the district assemblies of the region in the name of organizing funeral for our late Regional Minister. I can say with authority that the funeral was a state sponsored one. What surprises me is that the money was receipted in the name of Guaman Youth Congress. This is what we must all be on the lookout for and exposed. I am always inspired by the life of Mr. Kwesi Pratt and Mr. Kwaku Baako. If exposing wrongs in our society kills, they would have been dead and gone long ago. Corruption is the bane of our country.
Finally, I want to warn the Regional Director of Health Services that his argument put about the alleged siphoning of money in the regional hospital is a floored one. To me, I will prefer our health facilities without health experts to thousands of health experts whose only motivation is to steal our monies. By the way, what has the Regional Administrator got to do in the house of the journalist? Doesn’t the journalist have an official office where he operates from? It is true that we have some journalists who only motivation is to blackmail people to make money. I equally condemn such journalist because their actions are counterproductive. But then, Director must take caution in coming out with such an allegation he made against the journalist. What if the journalist comes out with the voice clip of the Administrator offering him a bribe as he alleged to drop the case in question? JJ Rosseau has said that thereis nothing vulnerable to change than democracy. Thus everybody must arm him or herself with constancy to protect and defend democracy so that it does not change in to another thing else. Let us all protect the public purse.

Ebenezer Anane Akuley