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Opinions of Saturday, 8 February 2014

Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement

NPP Is A Blood Soaked Tribal Group -Final Part

NPP Is A Blood Soaked Tribal Group, Not A Political Party / Final Part

If you lie to a child, you have abused the MINDS of many generations to come. Tell the children the TRUTH ………….. it is the ONLY WAY to set their minds free – but because of pure propaganda driven ethnic politics, the violent prone NPP leaders would never tell the youth the TRUTH.

Apart from Death, the next thing most Ghanaians fear is the TRUTH, how then can this nation move forward?

The nation will always take one giant step forward and take FIVE STEPS backward since billions of Ghana cedis generated as revenue is used in paying only 600,000 workers of Ghana out of a population of twenty five million people and yet most workers pretend to work and even wear RED BANDS to demand more salaries from every government. History teaches us valuable lessons of every kind, social moral, political and economic.

Therefore, knowledge and understanding of the past are very important for an individual as well as society. History can easily inspire the individual citizen to pursue better objectives which are noble and trueful to avoid acts which are FALSE and DISGRACEFUL.

When I started engaging the violent prone NPP members including their innocent kids in politics in the media, I clashed with the following BIG FISHES in the NPP – (1) Rev. Dr. Asante Antwi of the Methodist church who later became a Council of State Member and was eating with both legs and hands during Kufuor’s eight years in power. (2) The Late ‘’General ‘’ Afrifa’s family who even threatened to sue me in court if I did not withdraw what I wrote about their beloved son in the pages of the ‘’Triumph’’ newspaper in 1996. Do you know what happened? I rather added more fire and condemned the late ‘’General Afrifa and dared his family to send me to court and I was prepared to meet them there with more FACTS about their so – called beloved son. Afrifa’s family members put their tails in between their legs and fled – that ended the matter, because I am NOT a mad man to be writing false articles to the media for publication in order to disgrace my political opponents in the NPP why should I do that? Are they not Ghanaians? Are we not practicing a multi party democratic system? Take it from me I will never write to destroy anybody because my articles are truthful.

I was a Young Pioneer Cadre who is a TRUE NKRUMAHISTS among 90% other Nkrumahist to who formed the NDC and we groomed 10% of few people from the Danquah / Busia tradition.

In fact the study of history will surely promote national harmony and integration by telling people to appreciate and respect the sensibilities and cultures of other ethnic groups as well as their own.

I again clashed with stomach politicians like Kweku Baako Jnr, a former June Four Cadre and now managing editor of the ‘’Crusading Guide’’ newspaper – he even banned me from writing articles to his newspaper against the NPP. Now here is a man who is half NPP and half CPP even though his father was a Cabinet Minister in the CPP government as an interior Minister – he was called Kofi Baako but Kwaku Baako was bought by Kufuor’s NPP government and he became its un official spokesman. The third group 1 clashed with were (1) Kakra Essaumah (2) Collins Essaumah (3) Nana Obiri Boahen (4) The late T.H. Ewusi Bookman former editor of the ‘’Pioneer’’ newspaper (5) The late lawyer Obeng Manu Snr. a.k.a Mandela (6) Ex. Prez Kufuor (7) The late Prof Adu Boahen (8) My good friend the late P.A.V Ansah all of blessed memories amidst several other columnists who contributed to the various newspapers challenging what I have been writing. In re-action I engaged them so fearlessly and truthfully that their back was pushed against the wall – I mean the entire NPP machinery in 1996 and they described me as ‘’A REJOINDER MAN’’ I was then a miner at AGA Ltd so Kufour sent Mr. Sam Jonah to sack me from my job – three days later, I was hinted about it by my special informers whom I planted around Jonah without his knowledge since he was one of the biggest financiers of the NPP in Obuasi and Accra.

The next move of the NPP was to warn Mr. Dan Ansah former publisher of the ‘’Ghanaian Voice’’ to stop publishing my articles or they would boycott that newspaper – the editor called to inform me about it and I stopped writing further articles to that paper - such blood soaked intolerance politicians.

Mr. Sam Jonah later told me in the mine that I was becoming more popular in Accra because of the factual articles I had written. He did not realize that I knew what he was harboring in his head. He attempted sacking me indirectly several times but it back fired because I was not a gold thief at AGC Ltd. Former President Rawling was no where near the numerous killing of thousands of innocent men, women, and children by the NLM / United Party thugs between 1951 / 1954 and 1956! Is anybody listening? I shall return when the need arise. I am done ‘’Jaanbie Iwaii – Aluta Continua!