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Opinions of Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Columnist: Bismarck Kwesi Davis

The projections and the uncertainty of what befalls our democracy and the true value of the Ghanaian judiciary

The Supreme Court of Ghana The Supreme Court of Ghana

I submit that, what makes post-elections conflict resolution a very important aspect of the electoral process is that, it enhances our democracy as the judiciary is tested to resolve.

A case such as what the NDC has filed against the EC, on 29th December, 2020 AD to ascertain the numerical values of the front runners (Presidential) in the 2020 elections deserves an enormous attention.

However, extant literature has not accorded such cases the needed attention in times past on the continent of Africa to be precise: with the exception of the Malawian case in principle.

How do I mean? Nana Addo, in his concession speech, made it very lucid that, though he -disagrees- with the court, he accepts their decision as a law abiding citizen and he immediately called his party faithfuls to order.

It will be good we read more on other major cases to help us understand the way forward, and / or the outcome(s) as it were.

We the stakeholders must subject ourselves to varied qualitative case studies in principle, in order that, we operate within the legal framework enshrined in the 1992 constitution without any abuse that may lead to chaos or other.

I recommend that, both parties involved must engage the media professionally to avoid misinterpreted articles, misinformation and creation of hoaxes hitherto to create the good, bad or ugly impressions, so that, the citizens can follow suit in the matter knowing that JUSTICE prevails in the end.

Thankfully, the Supreme Court is well packed, and the NDC on the other hand have the legal Marshalls who have all it takes to grind the wheel in the process towards an expected outcome.

It will be good for us as citizens, be it party stalwarts on both sides, to remain silent or relate to proven matters only as the real deal begin shortly.

One thing we all must know is that, we are Ghanaians and that, we are interrelated by blood and tribe across the length and breadth of our beloved country Ghana.

This simply means that, no matter how we argue the terms, Ghana will be the ultimate winner.

To be continued...