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Opinions of Saturday, 25 June 2011

Columnist: Ofori, Philomina

The plight of final year students in Russia

The Scholarship Secretariat has NOT responded to all requests made by NUGS Russia and final year students in the Russian Federation seeking clearance on the abrupt 50% reduction in shipment allowance and cancellation of project allowance and refunds

It is rather unfortunate that after several efforts to get the Scholarships Secretariat's clarification on the abrupt halving of the shipment allowance for final year students in Russia, all we have received has been absolute SILENCE! In March this year however at our annual congress, we were informed by our embassy here about the development. We sought clarification from them, but they were unable to give us any, stating that the Secretariat gave no explanations whatsoever. Our leadership has written a number of correspondence to the Secreariat copied to the ministry of education, the Office of the Vice President, Castle-Osu, Accra. Finally we appealed to the delegation appointed by the Hon Vice President to the Russian Federation led by the Honourabe MP, Abokobi-Madina Constituency in May 2011 which was attending a business forum here. Initially we heard the Vice prez was to come but he was not able to and the delegation came in his stead. We were assured the matter would be dealt with all urgency.

Students are desperate and devastated now because the academic calendar has almost ended for most students graduating this year. Some are having issues with their projects and others have even been called off. Legalization and notarizations cannot be done because there are no funds coming from anywhere. Almost all of us will be done by the end of next week and our fate is still unknown.

Waiting for your urgent reply.

From: "Philomina Ofori"