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Opinions of Monday, 22 June 2020

Columnist: Samuel Baah

The plight of Nkawkaw

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It is easy to start with a tone of anger in support of the backlash and condemnation that justifies the defeat of the Hon Minister, Eric Kwakye Daffour.

However, it is worth reading between the lines on what his defeat really means.

To the winner of the primaries, Hon Joseph Frimpong, Hon Daffour’s defeat subtly outlines the responsibility that is now conferred on him. Works, works, and more importantly visible works is what will and can maintain the office as an MP.

When the youth see their colleagues in other constituencies employed while they struggle to make ends meet, when the electorates see development happening in other constituencies and they do not see any change in their lives, when you are seen getting busy with your “office” than with the issues on the ground, the people will surely cause you to get less busy by voting you out.

To the others still interested in the position as a member of parliament of the Nkawkaw constituency, elections ends an opportunity and not the future. It is awkward and cheap to wish Hon Frimpong performs abysmally so that his failure will earn you a political voice against him. We have grown above this kind of “weed” in politics.

Stay close, let your voice and support be felt. Most delegates are “normal” people after elections. Opportunities, ideas and your intellect will win your hearts before money can.

In general, this is one election that has freely outlined what the NPP party needed in Nkawkaw. “Development in freedom” should be the focus now. I suck at sports but is heartbreaking to see the current state of the Okwahu football club, looking like the state of the stadium as if they were twins.

Development in Nkawkaw has taken so long to manifest. Unemployment is as loud as political rallies and I really wish this time around the new face will inspire a change!