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Opinions of Monday, 15 February 2016

Columnist: Ali, Abdul Majeed

The people’s man – Alhaj Abdul-Rauf Tanko

Struggle this time is a struggle for Alhaj Abdul-Rauf Tanko (Hajj commission
Chairman) the parliamentary candidate for Yagaba – Kubori constituency and the NDC
comes this year elections in November, 7 2016. We are determined not only to vote but to
Vote massively for this gentleman and his Excellency John Dramani Mahama for more
development of the area.
The above speaks the minds of the good people of Yagaba – Kubori constituency
when contacted on various platforms. As the saying “had I know is always at last” but all
is not yet lost. Yagaba – Kubori constituency was no go area for NPP since it’s
separation from Wale wale constituency in 2004 until 2012 when NPP resorted to
have a mamprusi vice president. The tribal base politics really affected the
2012 general elections in the area which led to the victory of NPP over NDC in our
constituency. The seat was given out to the NPP as a loan due
to the Bawumia fever but have since regretted for what happened.
The people have realized their mistakes and have taken stand not to heed to
the lies of the NPP this time round. Their minds are made up to vote massively for Alhaj
Alhaj Abdul- Rauf Tanko as their member of parliament and John Dramani Mahama as
the president of the republic of Ghana respectively.
A good friend can be better than a blood brother. This is what his Excellency John
Dramani Mahama through Alhaj Abdul – Rauf Tanko has done to the people of
Mamprugu -moaduri. Considering the rapid development of the area by this government
is something to write home about. Even the so called running – mate of the NPP could
not have done better than the government is doing if he was the vice president of
Ghana. The people have vowed not to surrender again to the Bawumia fever any longer.”
All that we want is development not a mamprusi vice president” this is what some of the
people we visited said and that is exactly the issue on the ground. Alhaj Abdul-Rauf has
never relented on his effort to fight for the development of mamprugu- moaduri. This is
the man who has his people at heart. This gentleman had a gargantuan endorsement
during the NDC presidential and parliamentary primaries last year. According to our
findings, the good people of Yagaba – Kubori constituency do not doubt the fact that
Alhaj Abdul – Rauf Tanko will not clinch the seat once again to bring more development
to the area as he has been doing to improve lives of people for the area.
We are going to match the NPP boot – to – boot to make them useless in this year’s
elections. The campaign is not for Alhaj Abdul- Tanko alone but for anyone who has
the development of mamprugu moaduri in heart. We the youth will go round the length
and breathe of Yagaba -Kubori constituency to campaign for NDC. Alhaj Abdul – Rauf
Tanko has no problem at all.
I will talk about the achievements of Alhaj Abdul- Rauf Tanko in my subsequent aticles
for the area that earned him the accolade ‘’the people’s man’’ for mamprugu – Moaduri.
Expect more about this gentleman in the coming weeks which makes him best among
equals. INSHA ALLAH ALHAJ ABDUL- RAUF TANKO is already in parliament.
By Abdul- Majeed Ali