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Opinions of Sunday, 4 March 2018

Columnist: Kobina Ansah

The patience of love

Kobina Ansah Kobina Ansah

Whew! Finally, we kick off with the first episode of our #LoveLitmusTestSeries today. It's going to be an exciting journey of witty insights into love.

Truth is, we all should know what love is... and what it's not. If someone professes their love for you, time will test that love. True love will forever stand... no matter the queue of tests that awaits it.

In this episode, we look at the patience of love. God's word is a spiritually-active chemical reagent. It always tests whether the feeling we've inside is true or not.


Gracia met Reynolds at a singles camp last year. She's a teller at a bank while Reynolds runs his own software company. They've been dating for the past three months.

Well, though they're both Christians, Reynolds doesn't believe in "post-wedding" sex. He wants it now!

In fact, he has hinted her several times that until a woman gets pregnant for him, marriage is a big "No" for him.

Gracia is not only in her late 20s. She's also in a fix. She thinks Reynolds might just be a godsend; her "last chance". She may want to lower her standard for just this time... and hope that God understands.

Should she?


True love has patience. True love waits. What on earth would make Jacob labor for 14 bad years for Rachel? That's how patient love can be!

If a man/woman truly loves you, they will do everything and anything for you; even if it means waiting for you at their inconvenience!

When someone truly loves you, you wouldn't need to lower your standards to get them in. They'd up their standards to get you in!

I've seen a lot of women leave guys because they were not ready to wait for them to finish building a dream. I've seen many other gentlemen leave ladies because they couldn't wait forever to get into their panties.

You see, the first litmus test for a person's love is patience. And, patience can come in so many forms. When you badly love someone, you'll always want to go the extra mile for them; even if it means waiting for them to achieve something that will be to the benefit of you both eventually.

You may not need to wait for 14 years like Jacob. However, true love is a companion of patience. True love shows a commitment of patience!

If they're impatient, God didn't send them. No man or woman can ever be your "last chance" as long as you've life!

When someone doesn't love you, they drop hints of impatience. They give you hints that they can't wait to leave. Don't ignore such hints. True love is never in haste.


Love that cannot stand the test of patience is no love. Love that cannot wait through is not true!

NOTE: Testing patience doesn't mean unnecessarily "stretching" someone's love proposal. Being patient doesn't mean waiting forever to be accepted wherever. You'll still be single at 80!

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