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Opinions of Monday, 6 July 2020

Columnist: Solomon Tawiah

The parable of the cow's tail

There is an Akan proverb that says, "S3di3 nantwie ne bodua anka ne to no, saa nso na 3nka okomfo) nsam". To wit, just as the tail of the cow did not last on its back, it would neither last in the hands of the fetish priest.

This wise saying tells us that what goes around comes around and it has become relevant in these few days with issues surrounding Mr Domelovo, the Auditor General's 'proceed on leave' saga.

Mr Domelovo was appointed to replace Dr Felix Aveh in December 2016 after the elections and the only reason given by the President regarding the ousting of the later was "unforeseen developments," yes you read it right.

The AG came and started a good job, got the support of CSOs and a section of Ghanaians.

Fast forward down the lane in 2020, Mr Domelovo has been asked to proceed on accumulated leave. He is everywhere crying for just treatment. Someone who replaced a predecessor and the only reason for his ousting was "unforeseen developments" is here referring us to the independence of the Auditor General's office.

Please, Sir, you have been given a good enough reason and you are questioning the constitutionality of the reason, the only reason given to the one you replaced was a simple "unforeseen developments," he couldn't question the reason because he couldn't locate a glimpse of it in Ghana's constitution nor any legal document so he left without a word.

What were you expecting Mr Domelovo, to last in that position till pension? Have you suddenly forgotten the wise words of our elders, that, " just as the tail of a cow did not last at its back, it would never last in the hands of the fetish priest."

A beneficiary of injustice seeking justice? The gods must be crazy.

And to you over there, someone was unjustly treated for you to benefit from a position due to your tribal or political affiliations, don't get too comfortable, the dice are still rolling.

You took someone's partner because of your wealth, body or status, please the dice are still rolling. I have been asked to remind you that, just as the tail of the cow did not last on its back, it wouldn't last in the hands of the fetish priest.