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Opinions of Friday, 17 June 2011

Columnist: The Emperor

The older generation isn’t fit to rule Ghana!

I was born in the Seventies to a beautiful Black woman. As for my biological father, he was nowhere to be found. I guess the responsibility of being a father scared him to death. So, he abandoned my mother to do the parenting all by herself. Mother did her best by me until fate came calling! I was only two years of age, when she left the shores of Ghana for Europe. I don’t know what compelled her departure! Perhaps, the economic situation in Ghana wasn’t all that favorable in the Seventies. Perhaps, she wanted to expand her horizon. But, who knows? Mother was a seamstress with students and clients of her own! So, I don’t think that it was poverty, which led to her departure. Anyway, she entrusted me to her oldest sister and left. Years later, mother and I reunited on a foreign ground!

During my mother’s absence, my life was far from easy. Yes, I had my auntie and her husband in my life. They became, more or less, my surrogate parents. However, I wasn’t their biological child. I was a bastard! They didn’t have to tell me. I knew! There were times, when my surrogate father wanted me out of his house. I guess I became too expensive for his keeping! One day, I was sent packing to live with my uncle in Koforidua. I arrived in Justice Park, Koforidua, not knowing what to expect. I arrived with my heart terribly broken. My auntie had been my mother ever since my mother left! So, the absence of her weighed heavily on me. I missed her! Saying goodbye to her was a very painful thing to do. To me, an awful experience. I lost my mother all over again! My world was enshrouded in sorrow. I felt shattered with a deep sense of loss!

Growing up in Koforidua was definitely an eye opener! I saw Ghana in all her contrasts. I saw people who were dirt poor. The sight of the rich didn’t escape my attention! I bore witness to their presence. I wasn’t rich! So, I bonded with the poor. They had kindness to share! The rich, who were in the minority, led a glamorous life. Their children attended the best schools. The poor, on the other hand, had a different story to tell. They lives were that of the damned! In Koforidua, I saw single-mothers with no government financial support whatsoever. No such thing as children allowance from the government. Undoubtedly, such an assistance would’ve helped ease their parental burden a bit, but no. These single parents were footing all the bills under severe financial pressure. As for the unemployed, the less said, the better. Most of them were graduates without work in need of a future!

Right there and then, I became politically conscious. I said to myself, wait a minute; why should all these people be made to suffer? And, is it necessary in a country like Ghana? I have been informed that during Nkrumah’s time, education was free for every Ghanaian. Many Ghanaians were given scholarship to study abroad. As a result, many returned in possession of degrees in their respective fields of profession. Also, Nkrumah’s government created many factories, which were meant to catapult Ghana into the industrial age. The socio-economic foundation was firmly put in place! To me, it seems that Ghana had everything for a take-off. So, what happened? Every generation does its best for the next! At least, to my knowledge. To whom much is given, much is expected! So, why did the generation, which was given so much, screw it up so bad for the next? You guessed it! The aforementioned generation didn’t have what it takes. They still don’t have what it takes! They are Ghana’s investment gone to waste. Failures! This is what they are!
In fact, they are so archaic in their thinking that modern politics should be a no-go-area for them. I am truly convinced of this! Y’all remember Nana Akuffo Addo’s all-die-be-die statement, right? How insane was that? How could someone, whose ambition is to rule a multi-tribal country like Ghana, advocate tribe supremacy in this time and age? Isn’t it sickening? Anyway, don’t be surprised. Some members of the older generation haven’t evolved from the stone age. They have yet to catch up with the contemporary way of life. When it comes to conducting business profitably, the less said about them, the better. They are clueless! The preposterous 10% oil deal should ring a bell! Ghana’s new generation is more conscious than the older generation. No doubt about it! For instance, they are better informed. They see things, which the older generation doesn’t see. They hear things, which the older generation doesn’t hear. In short, they speak today’s language. This is their time! It means that they should be running this country by experience, not the old! I am sure that all educated people would agree!

Welcome 2 the New age of consciousness!

The Emperor