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Opinions of Monday, 19 October 2015

Columnist: Ebenezer Dzabaku

The new Ghanaian and a new Ghana

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Since the overthrow of Dr Kwame Nkrumah, heavy clouds of decline have been settling on Ghana and we have refused to act quickly over deal with the situation. We need not blame the country’s recent challenges on a particular political party or government; rather we must all rise up and get involved.

In August 2013, I gave a speech at the launch of the Embrace Ghana Empowerment Project organised by the Global Family Care, a non-governmental organisation. This was before the Supreme Court verdict on the 2012 general election.

I spoke to fellow Ghanaians, especially families and the youth of Ghana, about the dark clouds gathering over our dear country and called for a return to principles that will make Ghana great and be respected by all nations in world.

Pragmatic leaders
Over the 5,000 years of Chinese history, it took a pragmatic generation of the last 25 years to make the huge difference. They embraced changes wholeheartedly, used modernity as a tool to serve their purpose and addressed societal challenges. Other countries such as Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. took less than six to 10 years to achieve what it took the West over 150 years to achieve. Ghana needs constructive, selfless and pragmatic leaders.

Today, many of the country’s youth and leaders prefer to become citizens of other countries; almost every day our youth queue at various embassies and high commissions for visas. Most times the frustration on their faces alone prompts their refusal of entry visas without a refund of their visa fees.

Some of our leaders still continue to send their children to schools abroad and others too travel abroad for medical treatment and holidays, forgetting that Ghana is the only destined place on earth to have the best things to attract the entire world population.

Whereas we continue to desire the good things abroad, we should not forget that human beings just like us put their brains and hands at work to get them done even without the kind of resources at our disposal. Although we have almost all the resources that control the world’s economy such as black stone (oil), Red stone (gold), white stone (salt), etc., our citizens cannot boast of economic and social freedom.

Strategic location
Our geographical location in the world is the most strategic for global business, social and economic services. Why then are we going the wrong way all the time? Our Ghana today is suffering too much from individualism, cronyism, selfishness, greed, corruption and lack of nationalism from our leaders. Ghana needs leaders who will plan the nation’s economy ahead of population growth like Dr Kwame Nkrumah did.

Our nation is in serious trouble and our only chance is to take quick and decisive action. The blame game and the agitation to change government will not be the best solution. Our whole country is sick and needs to be healed first. We should, while beseeching the face of God to find the best way forward.

Almost everything is in deficit: education, salaries, water, electricity, health, housing and economy.

With the right remedy, we will see new Ghanaians in a new Ghana.
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