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Opinions of Thursday, 5 May 2016

Columnist: Abdul-Kahar Adam

The myth of National Democratic Party (NDP) – Real or fake?

It is always said by many people especially, the policy makers of this country that many women must join politics, many women must be given considerations in government organization and also many women must stand-up to challenges and do what men do better.

I thought it was with these reasons that Madam Konadu formed the NDP but unfortunately it is not. I believe she formed the NDP in order to use the youth and always dump them since she behaves like jack of all trail master of none.

The question people including the youth should be asking is what is it that people who have worked closely with Madam Konadu later finds it difficult to bear and are no longer closer to her. It is because of her personal behaviour and attitude towards people who don’t know her in the first place. Hence, when you are going closer to her, and you ask for advice, people will tell you that you should be careful; she doesn’t regard certain people, she disrespect certain regional personalities etc. I will also advice you the same because she use people and cause distortions to their ambitions even if you mean well whiles getting closer to her.

The NDP is not a party because it is organised based on the name of 31st December Women’s Movement. So, if it has members, they are those that she thinks are the stewards of NDP and not you who join them as a sympathizer or mere party member. The NDP is a cover up of 31st December Women’s Movement because it is the Movement executives who controls everything, but is 31st December Women’s Movement a political party? So, there is a myth here because NDP is a political organization as it stands now. How can you marry the two as one?

The leadership of the NDP is just lip service because it is only a show on televisions and on other media platforms. There is no effective leadership in NDP. It is Madam Konadu alone who is everything and she uses NDP to get attention to herself and no any other person. What you should understand is that Madam Konadu is attention seeker and because that kind of attention is not given to her in NDC that is why she created a branch party and not a root party to create attention to herself.

In NDC there can’t be two first ladies but rather one. Hence, she does not want to be relegated; therefore, she finds means and ways to remain former first lady important in the society. But the question is why couldn’t she decide to make any of the former first lady’s as the head of the 31st December Women’s Movement if it was created to be championed by first ladies? This means the 31st December Women’s Movement was more like a personal thing and not organization that can transfer leadership. Therefore the resources of the nation cannot be used to sponsor such programme since it is solely about one person.

There is no cause of alarm for NDC party because NDP is not a serious party to be afraid of. Yes, I was part of it, we were been used during the 2012 election as youth but lessons have been learnt and have now been corrected soon after the 2012 elections.

I ever since run back to my mother party which is THE NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS – NDC. NDC ALL THE WAY. NO CHALLENGER. The youth should not waste their time with NDP – it does not have real or good intentions and lacks direction and focus, come and shine with NDC. It is a duty for a woman to lead by good example and not by personal interest.

Ask, whether NDP has a formal membership register with numbers of identification?

Ask, how many of the Northern Regional Executives in 2012 is still part of the NDP, if it is a serious party?

Ask, how many of the former 2012 Parliamentary Candidates are still with NDP? Those who stood up to protect the integrity of our founder, father of our beloved party, His Excellency, Former President of the Republic of Ghana, I mean the first President of the fourth Republic in 1992, the Gentleman of our country, he is the person of Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings. We have ever since achieved that. He is still the founder and will always be the father of our party – NDC.

Ask, whether after the 2012 election, Madam Konadu has ever had a meeting with the Northern Region Executives including the Parliamentary Candidates then?

Ask, how much does she love Northerners? This is something people are suspicious about her? I want her to know this.

Treating people like they are from a gutter? I am a responsible person, we are responsible people. She brought our reputation in our communities into disrepute, one time ago. It is enough. The humiliation we went through then in 2012 was enough experience plus such painful disrespect showed to us.

All the former Regional Executives and former Parliamentary Candidates in 2012 have all supported this communication; especially the then neglected former Chairman in the Northern Region.

But let see, which people will be used this time round and we will address the issues and matters concerned appropriately. We will not allow them to be used and dumped.

We don’t want them to be more disgruntled!!!