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Opinions of Saturday, 30 March 2013

Columnist: Akuley, Anane Ebenezer

The murder at Mafi Dugame

I want to add to the report by Ivy Setordzi about the murder at Mafi
Dugame. In the first place, Mafi Dugame is within the corridor of
Sogakope Tefle and Sokpoe
where the murders occurred for for former Prez. JJ Rawlings to call for
fixation of a streetlight on the street in front of his Tefle residence. I
want to say that two persons were arrested as prime suspects in the
current case at Mafi Dugame. I want to provide this lead for Setordzi
to pursue the case so that we are not short
change by the police in the area.

The facts are that the prime suspect was arrested first based on the
lead provided an eyewitness who claimed to have seen the deceased with
the suspect. After his arrest,he mentioned one Humor Somlator at Mafi
Kumase. This man was arrested on Saturday 22nd March 2013 in the
evening after he came out to buy drink at a drinking bar. Humor
Somlator is a native of a village about two kilometers from Mafi
Kumase called Mafi Tsati. His real name is Simon, but he adopted the
name Humor Somlator after he has taken to the traditional region.
Humor Somlator means fetish priest Somlator. My source says it has
no doubt about the involvement of Somlator in this whole saga, for he has
such a record. Again after his arrest, his numerous wives and some of his
close associates were heard saying his arrest will not go any where. Their
motivation is that Somlator has bought the police in the area. My source
says it attempted to believe what the wives and close associates were
saying and truly the guy was released on Thursday, 28th March, 2013. There
was jubilation in his house and the "korku" fetish drum was played from
that evening till day break, leaving neighbors no peace for a sleep.
I wish to used this medium to appeal to the IGP to let the national
director for CID take over this case. I am now convinced that what the
wives and the closed associates of Hunor Somlator said that he has bought
the police here is true. It was the prime suspect who lured the
deceased before he
was killed who mentioned the name of Somlator as a party to the
crime and the police arrested him. Without putting him before a court
he has been released by the police.
I want to appeal the president to order the rearrest of this man
because it can provide a lot of clues to the killings that took place
in the Tefle and Sogakope area. All facts points to the fact that it
is some sort of syndicated killing master minded by some fetish priest
which is collaborated by some men in uniform. I want to edge Setordzi
to go beyond what she reported and unearth the big fishes in this
soup. I think Annas could be of help in this case,

I can say Somlator is a known criminal and a killer. The police can do
more than what they are doing currently to avert the killings of
innocent citizens in the area. My source says a lot of people are
ready to provide leads about the activities. I am surprise and shock
of what have come of hitherto investigations where plain cloth
security men get to places and lurk at drinking bars to tap
information about issues which led to break through and unearth the
secret about such issues. Today, BNI men even when they arrived in a
station they want to let people know that they belong to the BNI.

It will be a shame that Somlator and his syndicates will be left off
the hook for them to live and continue the heinous crime they commit
against the good people of this country. Several Okada boys got
missing in this area including one at Mafi Kumase which is being
whispered that the motorbike of the boy was found by some fishermen in
the dugout dam that provides water for the people of Mafi Kumase close
to the house of Somlator. It is being alleged that in the current
killing three fetish priests are involved. Two of them are on the run.
One is from Mafi Dugame and the other is from Battor. It is amazing
the kind of vehicles that these days fetish priests drive and no one
can tell the source of their income for such high class vehicles.
Finally, I want to appeal to all Tongu Citizens from Agave to Torgorme
to be proactive and for all of them to collaborate to get rid of such
a canker which is alien to the culture of the people of Tongu who are
peace loving.

Ebenezer Anane Akuley